Traveling with your Onewheel

  • I have read that some people have brought their Onewheels on planes but isn't the board longer than the allowable carry on bag? How do you work around that? I'm not feeling alright yet about checking it because 1) I don't want the airline staff to mess with it and 2) I don't want it to get wrecked by tons of luggage being piled on top of it. Please share your recent experiences and offer some advice. Thanks!

  • Never had a problem on a plane....just try to board early to get a good overhead space. I've checked it as well in a bag and it was perfectly fine after.

  • Here in Australia, it's an interesting situation as there are two conflicting rules...

    1. No "sporting equipment" can be taken onboard as carry-on luggage
    2. No lithium batteries can be in your checked-in luggage (pretty sure this is everywhere else as well)

    I am yet to fly with it, it's going to be interesting...

  • @lardnicus TSA Battery info

  • Ahhh, that makes much more sense. Thanks @DocBlock !

  • I checked mine inside a large backpack - from Denver to Tokyo. The good part was it was very easy to carry with my other luggage on the train home. If you're worried about having another large luggage item, the original box in a box is 62inches linear, which you could check.

    If I travel again with mine, I'll take it on the plane with me in a duffle.

    I also noticed a king sized pillow case makes a decent impromptu cover - but for some reason, my wife wasn't that keen on that.

  • I really want to bring mine to japan next month but I'm worried there isn't enough space to really ride it much.
    All of the parks are gov operated and always have a cop walking around.

    there's also so many people in most areas that you'd have to really be careful unless youre out in the sticks.

  • @utsu Always be safer than sorry. I'd take it just in case. You would really be kicking yourself if you found an epic place to ride. Plus+ what if there are some sweet places for pictures??? It also makes great airport transportation.

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