Portable Bluetooth speaker

  • It's a bad idea to wear headphones while riding anywhere near traffic or people, but I decided to get a JBL clip 2 portable Bluetooth speaker and hang it on my bag.

    One great thing I didn't think of is that it lets people know I'm coming, and they are much more likely to give me some room if I'm approaching from behind.

  • @dalisdair Problem I'd still have is most of the people who get in my way are walkers wearing earbuds themselves. They never seem to expect anyone else might be moving faster than them, even though they're usually walking so slow it makes me feel like I'm in some kind of reverse time warp.

    I came up on this one kid a few days ago, and I said "Excuse me" a few times, but as usual he was wearing ear buds and had no idea I was there, so I started to try and overtake him (you always have to time it right, because people randomly meander back and forth while they walk, so it can be tricky) and he fucking spit on the sidewalk just before I passed him! Luckily he missed, and I flew by him before he had a chance to hock another one.

    I need to carry a long stick with a rubber finger on the end, so I can tap people on the shoulder as I approach.

  • I'll take what I can get. The weavers are amazing, they seem to track me whichever way I go. It amazes me how people will suddenly dart to the side without looking or walk out of doorways looking backwards. I've had people leap in front of me even when they see me. I guess they figure it's my problem if I run into them, since they are on foot, and I'm some kind of interloper in the sidewalk.

  • @dalisdair I feel you! I'd just ride around them on the grass, but so many times when people see me coming they'll suddenly jump into the grass to get out of the way... instead of just not hogging the sidewalk and giving people room to pass.

  • @thegreck

    Yep, had the same thing happened with a female at the park with her ear buds.

    When the first Yo didn't get her attention,
    the second really loud one got her off her feet.

  • Another great one is when I need the sidewalk ramp and somebody just stands in middle of it, looking at me as I'm approaching.

  • @sonny123 Maybe I should carry an air horn with me. That should get those earbud-wearing, iPhone-thumbing walkers' attention.

  • @thegreck

    I'm thinking one of these for those who walk and texts not noticing nobody..


  • @sonny123 Haha! Leaving a trail of heart attacks in our wake!

  • I always wear headphones, but only keep one earbud in. I had one guy today on the phone, no headphones or anything, and I said Sir, 3 times before yelling YO, DUDE. Then he turns around and stares at me with this look like, what?
    I'll tell you what, get the fuck out of the middle of the sidewalk.

    I might try wearing my speaker, but I don't think the public would appreciate my music.

  • @hustle Maybe I'll start yelling HEADS UP instead. Seems like "Excuse me" or "Yo dude" are usually to get someone's attention so you can ask them a question.

    Also hate the people who are coming TOWARDS me that are all over the sidewalk and I can't tell if they see me coming or not. I want to yell "EYES UP!"

  • @dalisdair Loving my JBL Clip 2. I tested a bunch of other small clip ons and this was by far the best!

  • I have the Polk Boom Swimmer Duo and it is awesome! Great sound and super loud. Def recommend. It's in the same price range as the JBL.

    If you're looking for cheaper, the AYL portable is 23 bucks and comes with a clip.

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