OWheelBuddy goes online - let's start the competition

  • me too!

  • @badcheese I really don't understand how this is possible on the onewheel...

  • It isn't....

    Clearly they are cheating or the app is wrong..... ( or they got the fast limited edition OneWheel )

    Sorry guys, please post video or I'm calling you out..!

    PS: I'd love to be proven wrong.... but going 33%+ faster than pretty much everyone else...

  • Would it be the result of modifying their board (i.e. battery)? I'm not an engineer or a tinkerer in any means, so I don't really know :P

  • I agree these speeds are a little hard to believe. I'm no slouch and the fastest I've recorded on the P0wheel app is about 18-19mph and at those speeds it felt more like freefall with no control til it slowed down. Has anypne pulled these speeds in P0wheel also?

  • @badcheese I again call BS. The motor is literally not capable of going that fast with any sort of load on it. Take a video and prove us all wrong it's that simple.

  • I would be happy to take a video. How should I show my speed? If I hold a phone up with the app running, and take a video using another phone so you can see the first phone and the background zooming by as my speed ramps up, would that satisfy you? Or can you suggest another way to do it? I don't have a radar gun. I could meet up with @thegreck and have him verify by riding next to me, or driving next to me.

    Skepticism is good, but we have to agree on what constitutes proof.

  • It takes some time, practice and the right hill. It can be done. I don't ride over 15 most of time. When I got 29, I actually built up to it increasing speed with each attempt. Only time got wobbles was if I was aggressive in maneuvers.

  • @badcheese We all know what someone going 20mph looks like.. (we've all pretty much done it)... It would be easy to tell the difference between someone going 20mph and someone going close to 30mph on video.

    Please do both and get someone to film you...

  • @Zen.Potatoes That's too subjective for my taste. Someone will almost certainly claim that the video was sped up in post, or that it looks more like 20 mph instead of 27 mph.

    I work for a cinema school, and I'm sure I could borrow a GoPro. I should be able to set it up for a first-person view of the road ahead with my phone with the app held out in front of me showing speed.

    But who is going to buy me a beer when I prove my speed? I don't care about winning bragging rights. I need more incentive.

    @thegreck : How about this: If you meet me for the test, I'll buy the beer if I'm under 25 mph, and you buy the beer if I'm over 25.

  • @Zen-Potatoes @ahxe45 : Do either of you live in the Los Angeles area? Or anyone else who thinks 27 mph is impossible? I'll be happy to meet with anyone who wants to be a witness. My only requirement is an after-ride beer. High speeds are risky, and I don't want to do it just so I can say "I told you so."

  • @badcheese I do not but I will eat my words and send you a full case of the beer of your choosing if there is a way to prove this. Trust me I would love for it to be true but I just don't think it is possible. I got up to 23.4mph the other day and that was the first time I got above 22mph. Literally could not go faster if I wanted to. I am 5'11" 170lbs so I would say I am average size for most riders.

  • @ahxe45
    My hardware version: 2206
    My firmware version: 3056
    My weight: 167 pounds

    If you've already gone over 23 mph, 25 or 27 aren't so far away. How do you know you've hit the limit? I would only know by outrunning the board and crashing. That hasn't happened yet, so I probably haven't hit the limit.

  • @SeeTheInvisible awesome job on OWheelBuddy! You've crushed it as far as features I had wanted to do with pOneWheel ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.kwatts.powtools) - and features beyond, the tracks w/ mapbox looks sweeet

  • This post is deleted!

  • I might believe the 27miles, maybe not about 29...
    Just got to 22mph today and think you can definitely go faster. Will put all my hockey pads on next time.

    Here's the non-traditional key to 20+ mile speed, IMHO:

    Create a slow forward pendulum effect. Gradual build up w/o jerks by leaning the top of your body more and more forward. Needs to be super smooth. Any tiny jerk will mess things up.

    The secret sauce: find the the right foot pad.
    Probably most important if you are already a proficient OW rider. There seems to be a slight variance in OW foot pads manufacturing. You need to try a few different foot pads and find one that has the least amount of "buzz" and "slip" at speeds over 16mph. The circuitry in a lot of OW foot pads cause a subtle, irregular vibration when over 16+ mph. The vibrations cause you to stop the gradual speed buildup. Very few of those pads don't vibrate as much - use that pad.

    Add surfboard foam pads with a back kicker - gives you waaaaay more stability and added support on the back foot. I took a few pads off my kite hydrofoil board and put it on the Onewheel.
    The key is a very wide back kicker.

    My two cents.

  • No vibration in either of my 2 onewheels over 16mph. 1 is 2817 the other is 3730 series. One has over 1700 miles the other has over 1400 miles. I didn't go fast until just recently. Maybe, my 29mph reading is false? Tell me how the speedometer would give a false reading especially the night that I did it because I went above 20mph then kept pushing and got faster each time until 29 when I honestly got scared. If my 29 mph on a non modifyed Onewheel(had tire changed and new decks ) is not correct, then help me correct it. I live in Asheville, NC and found a great hill in town to go fast.

  • For your reference, I am 200lbs and 5'11".

  • @badcheese Too bad I'm in NC. I'd be there, but we have a bunch of people riding later today so maybe I'll have some eyewitnesses.

  • @CarvingUphillAVL Cool! Please ask the other riders to post here and verify your speed.

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