OWheelBuddy goes online - let's start the competition

  • @CarvingUphillAVL not trying to attack at all man, just curious to see if it's actually possible or if it is an issue with the speedometer. Like I said, I would love to see someone actually hit near 30mph!

  • @CarvingUphillAVL At the moment there's just one board supported per user. A workaround would be to create a second account for the second board which is in my opinion not practically. As everything is prepared to use multiple boards per user, I just have to finish the implementation of this feature, but please don't ask when it'll be done :)

  • @jeffmccosker Appreciate that! I understand the doubt. Someone will beat me soon. Although, I don't think by much as every time that I've attempted to beat 29. I crash or get close to crashing and speed tops out at 29.1. I have access to speed gun, but it will be some time before I get a chance. I will send undeniable evidence hopefully before new year.

  • @SeeTheInvisible thanks you rock!

  • @ltl cruising at 10-14 These are speed bursts down a perfectly graded hill with nice flat belly at bottom with minimal bumps and traffic. I have ridden more than 3000 miles on 2 different Onewheels(1 has new tire and deck(1800+miles), other needs new tire(1500 miles)in the last 12 months only just recently felt solid enough to try speed. I have plenty of road rash memories as good learnings. Not sure if my OWB speed of 29mph is legit, but I'll say Onewheel is best thing ever and we will continue to learn more about its limits and ours. Apologies for long wind response.

  • New absolute top speed today
    Pretty sure that I can reach 27km/h (17mph) but since I've tasted the ground at this speed...yes I'm shitting myself...don't wanna taste again...

  • @badcheese said in OWheelBuddy goes online - let's start the competition:

    My hardware version: 2206
    My firmware version: 3056
    My weight: 167 pounds

    If you've already gone over 23 mph, 25 or 27 aren't so far away. How do you know you've hit the limit? I would only know by outrunning the board and crashing. That hasn't happened yet, so I probably haven't hit the limit.

    I Have outrun the board and crashed many times trying to get faster than that. That's what im saying I have not been able to push past that threshold. I couldn't get past the 22 MPH mark until the other day and I was only able to do the 23 MMPH in a short burst and almost ate it.

  • @ahxe45 : I've reached 27+ mph by creeping up on it very slowly, and balancing as if the OW were just a passive balance board, the way it feels if you try to balance on it when it's powered off. It feels as if a very tiny forward lean will result in a crash.

    In fact, that's what happened during my commute this morning. Until today, I've only had a couple of low-speed (under 10 mph) crashes. Today I wiped out at 26.4 mph, probably because I was thinking so much about OW high speeds.

    I still consider myself lucky, because the only casualties were a thin windbreaker and a patch of skin on my elbow, despite the fact that I foolishly ride without any pads, helmet, gloves, etc.

  • @badcheese Get a helmet and gloves at the very least man! Set the example for the kids haha. I was the same way at first, but realized I have a great life to live...

    Funny story, the very day after I bought a helmet, I hit a bump I didn't see on the sidewalk going about 20 on the OW... ended up hitting my head HARD on the ground. Like, I know I would have spent a week at the hospital at the very least if I hadn't had a helmet on. I've since bought a new helmet and refuse to ride without one. SKATE SAFE!

  • @CarvingUphillAVL When I Hit my previous 29.62 mph on the record board before the reset I was challenged on here and so I went out and got on my waze app (navigation app) and turned on the speedometer which is accurate and I hit 27 mph. The speeds are doable but there has to be the right tire pressure and the right weight of the rider. I took a nasty spill at 25 mph and I haven't been able to get the speed back up but I also need new foot pads as well as a new tire (the tire is really holding me back).

    ![alt text](![image url](![0_1480984182994_IMG_1114.PNG](Uploading 100%) image url))

  • @CarvingUphillAVL have you had to change your tire? If so do you remember the mileage?

  • @SeeTheInvisible So I recently got my board back from FM after getting a tire change and checkup. At the same time, I got a new phone and so downloaded OWheelBuddy again through the cloud.

    My issue is that it seems the Odometer was reset since I sent my board in. Is this on the software side or did FM somehow reset it when I sent it in? I miss being #1 for mileage! haha. Any help appreciated.. Thanks!

  • @slydogstroh So that puts my little 1800+ miles at number one until I send it back. Which is interesting because this OW with over 1800 miles had a tire change at 1400 and my odometer didnt get reset. I curious to hear what FM says.

  • @slydogstroh Actually, my 2nd OW returns next week with a fresh tire so I ll see if the mileage reset.

  • Just got mine back from FM with about 800 miles on it and they reset the odometer as well. Might have to do with them fully removing the battery which causes the reset, but IDK.

  • @jeffmccosker Makes sense! But how did my other OW keep its mileage after tire change?

  • @CarvingUphillAVL The exact package I got was the "Tuneup + Reload Pack"
    I'm assuming that whatever they do with the Tuneup part is what resets the odometer.

  • @CarvingUphillAVL
    Did they change the battery or just the tire? Honestly, I have no idea what resets it, but the common theme seems to be battery repair/replacement.

  • @jeffmccosker Just tire. I'll see soon as my other OW just got shippped back home from its new tire and tuneup.

  • these speeds approaching 30 are achievable only in short bursts.

    tire pressure and rider weight have been mentioned. you can go faster downhill.

    to reach your maximum wheelspeed you need to slowly accelerate so as not to get caught in waves of pushback and not to demand more instantaneous power than is there.

    ambient temperature has a noticeable affect on power delivery.

    slowly accelerate down a long hill on a warm day and push past pushback--start freewheeling. only then should you come back and suggest what is impossible.

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