OWheelBuddy goes online - let's start the competition

  • @charge360 As I said, the Apple watch support will come ;)

    @slydogstroh Of course, the location and meetup features will also come ...

    @parrothd The Android version is in progress since about 3 weeks, testing phase will start maybe next week :) (I'll open a separate post for beta testing ...). Also the bright light will come soon (I also would like to have this feature ;))

    @charge360 & @pwnisher You have two days to tell us how you did such awesome speeds - otherwise those incredible entries will be removed :)

  • @SeeTheInvisible congrats man! Really looking forward to the android version!

  • The 50% battery warning on the apple watch is pretty cool. can you add the 30% the 20%... ;) would be very nice

  • @SeeTheInvisible the bright lights is really the only thing I use the app for..lol

  • @SeeTheInvisible I am curious if my 16.7 max places me 12th on the boards per the 12 shown at the bottom left under speed.

    0_1476028155128_Image 23.jpg

  • @LidPhones yes, you are on the 12. place - speed up :)

  • @SeeTheInvisible
    LOL. I think I am good @ 16.7 for now.

  • @cr4p I have no idea what that is. Hahahahaha

  • I'll probably never break the top 10, but I did get a new personal best today at 15.7mph - my first time pushing past the listed top speed of 15mph and fighting through pushback. Guess I'm a little more cautious than most of you ;)

  • @SeeTheInvisible I've been using the OWB app since it launched and I love it. However, when I updated my iPhone OS with the most recent updates, it completely reset my lifetime odometer in the app and has reset my top speed several times. Not sure what would have caused it, but was wondering if you may have any ideas. Thanks and love the app!

  • @1woman1wheel I personally still don't believe anything over 22MPH is a true reading. I seriously don't think it is possible. I have been trying every way I could possibly think of imaginable and can not break 21-22mph. I have eaten shit multiple times going downhill or on flat ground trying to break 22MPH and I don't think it can be done. I want to see someone go 27MPH on video with a radar tracking their speed.

  • If it was a true reading there would be a lot more people closer to those speeds. When you look at the board where people are hitting the 18mph mark you can see people are within .1--.2 mph of one another. If you could really hit 27 you would see more people up in that end of the spectrum.

  • I can't seem to get beyond 16.5mph. Whenever I feel like I might have beat it, I look at my phone only to see I have a Wheel Slip warning. I'm riding on concrete, and there was no wheel slip.

  • @1woman1wheel don't worry, stay relaxed and enjoy riding :) I have hit my top speed while riding a track which was slightly downhill ...
    I still have to investigate if speeds like 25 mph are achievable, but what I can tell you up to now is that 21 mph can be done (and yes, the rider must be a light weight person with excellent balancing skills and don't has to worry about painful nosedives)

    @CaseInvaders ok, please tell me which version of OWB you use (you'll find it in the iOS settings app).
    Btw: the lifetime odometer can't be reset withing the app, it is stored in your OW (of course it will be reset if uninstall OWB and install it again - but even then it updates when your connect to your OW again). pls send me further details to office@onewheelbuddy.com in order to not lead the thread off topic.

    @ahxe45 yes, pwnisher's incredible speed also seems unrealistic to me

    @thegreck pls tell me which version you're using - I've never ever heared about wheel slip warnings on concrete up to now :/ (pls, also provide your iPhone model ...).
    The only thing which could explain this behaviour to me, is that you're riding in an environment where you have lot of bluetooth devices close to you which really could cause connection issues (this may also trigger the wheel slip detection - while I'm writing this, I've also changed the tolerance for such issues, I hope the next update will solve it ...).

  • @SeeTheInvisible Well, I'm on the top ten mileage board, so I think I have the newest version of the app. I don't see any updates available. I don't think there's any Bluetooth interference, as I'm riding with a street and cemetery on one side and train tracks on the other, and it only seems to happen when I feel I should've bypassed my top speed. But instead I get a wheel slip alert.

    I do tend to speed up and slow down in short bursts, which is just a riding style, so maybe the app is seeing my quick speed up as wheel slip?

  • So today I was killing time at work and happened to check the OWB Leaderboards. J-Glide had 7766MI on a board! But now updating the leaderboards and the reading is gone.. which seems really weird. I actually got a screenshot of it...

    @J-Glide do you really have a board with 7766MI? If so, a) that is freaking awesome and b) I have a few questions for you about the maintenance and performance of the board over it's lifetime that probably belong in a different thread....

    @SeeTheInvisible Is there any reason that a board's milage would show up on the leaderboard and then disappear like that?

  • Regarding the unrealistic high speeds, how is wheel spin detected? What if I <deleted>, could someone trigger abnormally high speed readings without activating wheel spin?

  • @thegreck ok, the bursts can be the issue, I'll test exhaustively with a really light weight rider, because he should be able to trigger wheel slip detection easily if this is the issue.

    @slydogstroh J-Glide seems to cheat as far as I can tell up to now. In fact his last reading shows 28 miles which seems much more realistic ;)

    @No Honestly there are of course several ways to cheat and I don't want to inspire anyone how to cheat (Trust me, they're watching us here :)). If someone finds a way, I'll also find a way to detect his cheating.

    I'd suggest that the leaderboards anyway beeing reset on regular base - otherwise it'll get boring :)

    PS: I'm also working on a cheat detection algorithm

  • If the record high-speeds are achieved in downhill sections, then a heavier person has the advantage since they present a relatively smaller frontal area for their mass.

  • @Roy Theoretically you're right, but in fact I think that for a light weight person it's easier to maintain balance on the board which is the trickiest thing when going past pushback ....

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