OWheelBuddy goes online - let's start the competition

  • Got the app two days ago, 38 days strong 370 miles, got my 17.4 mph top speed today on the way to the gym without pushing it too hard. I also got the cheating detected but I mean, aren't we all? Floating at a decent speed is cheating , right? I see Sheeple everywhere. lol

  • @SeeTheInvisible : Android version works great so far. Thanks!

  • @badcheese said in OWheelBuddy goes online - let's start the competition:

    @SeeTheInvisible : Android version works great so far. Thanks!

    Is the Android one available..?

  • @parrothd the android app is on the beta test phase ;) and it works great!

  • allright, hopefully ready until winter really kicks in!

  • @fabuz said in OWheelBuddy goes online - let's start the competition:

    @parrothd the android app is on the beta test phase ;) and it works great!

    Where is it? :)

  • @SeeTheInvisible Your App is treating me a cheater ;-)

    Not sure it is good or bad but a (Code: C) one. It was a false positive as I was just cruising in a downhill slalom ;-)

    I hope you really find how to spot the cheating of some of the 45kmh guys,


  • @FeralBoy13 Thanks for the hint, there was really a tiny bug with code d - will be fixed in the next release.

    Yes, code C is a known bug and will be fixed in the next release.

    @all Android buddies:
    One major thing I have to say: You have to thank my brother-in-law for the Android (beta) version - he's the guy behind the Android version - I just spent him some bottles of good beer, borrowed him my OW and gave him a glance of how the iOS version works. He doesn't have a OW so he has no Forum account yet - maybe time will change that :)


  • How am I this late to the party?!
    I just now downloaded it and this app is leagues beyond the default FutureMotion app.
    I'm pumped to take a crack at that high speed leader board!

  • @SeeTheInvisible If I connect to my OW, then put my phone in standby mode (turn off the display) and continue riding, when I stop and look at my phone again the trip top speed doesn't update. For example, today when I stopped and looked at my phone the current speed was showing 18mph (even though I was stopped), and the trip top speed was showing 13mph (even though 18>13). After a few seconds, the current speed updated to show 0mph, but the trip top speed still showed 13mph.

    Update: Wanted to add that this is Android 5.1.1 on LG Volt 2.

  • @jeffmccosker Until the cheating stops, it's gonna be tough to compete with those 27mph speeds!

  • @thegreck for real man. Not sure how or why they would even do that.

  • I have got 27.91 mph. and I know it can go even faster. Once you get moving on the board, and you keep pushing it's almost as if the board catches another gear. But going that fast on one wheel, is rather ridiculous and so yes I do wish I could go faster. Say Ludicrous?

  • @RussellLite Really? how much do you weigh? I feel like what you're describing has a certain weight limit where you can't hit that "sweet spot". I'm about 215lbs, and I get complete motor cut-off at about 19mph

  • @RussellLite I call Bullshit unless you have pictures or video to prove it. Trust me I would love to be proven wrong as I can't get past the 21-22 MPH mark as many other people have said as well. I don't even think the board has a motor that is physically capable of going that fast unless you literally have no weight pushing down on it.

  • @No I'm 175lbs and I haven't experienced any motor cutoff, but I feel like the Onewheel becomes extremely difficult to control once you get past 18mph. Trying to imagine pushing even past 20mph is like imagining certain death! Am I right, @MichaelW ?

  • @badcheese OK, we're investiganting :) As you are a beta tester for the Android version, please send me feedback directly per email to not lead the thread too much OT ;)

    @all Believe me, with the next cheating will get much much harder :)

  • @ahxe45 27.91 mph is a weird number to make up. Unless the OWheelBuddy apps speedometer is off, which it could be. I am second on the leader board TheSRexp. I'll test it today to see if another speedometer gives me a different speed and I'll get back to you. I weigh 165 lbs. and I keep my tire around 20.5 @No .

  • @RussellLite Why is that weird? And secondly, when you cheat, you don't make up your speed (how would that even be possible?), you just prop one end of the OW on something, hold it level and put pressure on the sensor, then slowly lift the other end and the wheel will spin. Boom, you've got top speed.

  • Love the app! Have an iWatch, and don't miss the lack of dedicated app since notifications pops up right on my watch (I don't care to monitor speed in real-time). Sure, realtime battery status could sorta be useful.

    Really like the alert for one sensor.... I'm new, and the feedback it gives really helps me learn the limits of foot movement.

    But hey, feature request....

    Configurable notifications.... is like to be able to get an alert re battery status every x percent.... probably every ten percent is fine.... different people will be irritated by different frequencies of alerts, so configurable makes sense.

    Same thread.... alert for new max speed attained. Obviously, don't want alert spam for every increment over the old top speed. So maybe once a minute or 5, check if current top speed is greater than old top speed and send alert if so....

    Seriously, well crafted, configurable alerts obviate the need for a dedicated watch app.... my 2 cents....

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