OWheelBuddy goes online - let's start the competition

  • The last OWB update happened a few weeks ago, which is not the normal timspan for new OWB - now it's time to announce the latest version which is in review by Apply as I'm writing this post (if everything works well during Apple's review, it'll be released until the upcoming weekend).

    With this new version you can be part of an online competition (first leaderboards are top speed and top mileage). To see what happened on the leaderboards during the beta testing phase, just visit www.onewheelbuddy.com.

    I'm glad to say that the online platform is not the only new feature - there are a bunch new features which may also improve your daily riding experience:

    • The estimated range will be displayed.
    • Your riding efficiency is displayed (well, this is a thing which is more on the entertainment side but it's nice to watch).
    • Current power consumption and regeneration in Watts - also displays the max. values of the trip.
    • A footpad sensor warning which triggers at speeds higher than 5 mph or 8 km/h when only one of the two sensors has been activated for more than 5 seconds (this is practical e. g. when riding in complete darkness on rough terrain and your feet get misaligned ...).
    • A footpad sensor warning which triggers when both sensors are reporting no activation while riding faster than 5 mph or 8 km/h (then you're either crashed or you did a jump of a sidewalk ...).
    • A night skin which doesn't dazzle your eyes when looking at your app while rinding in dark environments.
    • The global app seetings are now accessible from withing the app (of course, this should solve the issue with the frequently asked question of where to switch from kph to miles).

    One last thing to mention is that the speed calculation has been changed in order to display proper values (tire compression from the rider's weight was not taken into account).

    PS: when hunting for a new top speed, please always wear a helmet and pads, otherwise it can get painful :). If you have any input regarding new leaderboard ideas - please drop me a message, I'll see what I can do ...

  • @SeeTheInvisible Congratulations on a great app and an awesome online experience linked to it.

  • @SeeTheInvisible Good work man. So when will we be seeing an android version?? ;)

  • Apple Watch app ?

  • BOOM! Number 2 for mileage (until someone else joins).

  • Do we need to take a run before our numbers go on the leaderboard?

  • @RLY Looks Iike you do for the top speed, but not for mileage. My top speed should be on the board too.

  • Both my top speed and my mileage should be on the board. I'll take a run later today and see if it updates.

  • @RLY Just force quit the app and restart it.

  • Alright my mileage is up there but not my top speed of 18.4. I guess I have to do it again.

  • @RLY Yes, that's what I said. My top speed should be up there too, so I guess it has to occur after the update for it to hold. Probably because he changed the way the app judges your speed, but not your mileage.

  • I lost my first places in speed and milage.

    I hate you guys :P

  • @SeeTheInvisible love the leaderboard. Hope to be in the top 10 soon.... ;-)

    Would it be possible in future updates to expand the leaderboard to maybe a top 20, 50 or 100? I know this depends on the user base but it would be neat to see how rankings change over time. Great work!

  • Amazing update @SeeTheInvisible! Patiently awaiting the AppleWatch integration. ;) Any ETA on that feature? Thanks for all the hard work on this project!

  • @SeeTheInvisible SO EXCITED to see my name on the leaderboards. Great idea!

  • @LidPhones Yes, such extended boards will come ...
    @BriFi & @charge360 No ETA at the moment (maybe December ...)
    @ahxe45 The Android version is in progress since about 3 weeks, testing phase will start maybe next week :) (I'll open a separate post for beta testing ...).

    I'm glad to hear that you like the leaderboards!

    @RLY your recorded top speed will not be uploaded - you have to ride ;)

    As you may have recognized, the current top speed leader @pwnisher has achieved an incredible speed of 27 MPH - I'm investigating this ;)

  • @SeeTheInvisible

    As you may have recognized, the current top speed leader @pwnisher has achieved an incredible speed of 27 MPH - I'm investigating this ;)

    Maybe he weighs 50lbs...you never know lol

  • Could someone just hold the board in free air and press on the pads to make the wheel spin to cheat a top speed?

  • @kbman They probably could.. but Im sure Invisible will catch them ;)

  • @kbman & @BadWolf No, this would be to easy because then the wheel slip detection will trigger and the value will not be counted as a new top speed (If you log in, wheel slip detection will be automatically enabled, and of course if you're loggin in you can't disable it).

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