mini onewheel for mini kids

  • I'd love to ride with my 4 years old
    Could Future Motion build a mini onewheel for up to 30kg kids ?
    3x less power, smaller, lighter, and cheaper (max $500)

  • @arnlej Of course they could! But will they? Dunno. Maybe!

  • @arnlej I had a 5-year old try--with my support but that didn't take away from the particular sensation. She didn't want to get off the OW..

  • I have a little one on the way, and if by chance she's into it, I think it would be great if someday our entire family could go on Onewheel outings instead of bike rides. So a lighter version would be great for my daughter and wife.

  • I take my Onewheel to the park and let the local kids play on it. They never seem to hurt themselves on the soft grass. I hold one hand of the little ones, i.e. less than 6 years old. It is possible for a four year old to ride a Onewheel, they just need to stretch their legs a bit. It can be tricky for the little kids to put their foot exactly on the sensor. My three year old calls it The Wonderwheel, and that name has stuck.

  • @Simon Thanks for the feedback, since the instructions states it is not for under 13, I haven't tried with younger than 11.
    I confess i am scared about that much power for small kids.
    I think the danger is not about falling (small kids are used to that) but having a finger or whatever in the wheel or being hurt by the board.

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