A double footpad sensor bothside or something like that for more safety

  • Nosedive is very dangerous onewheel have to offer something like a double footpad to avoid accident. I ride very fast I try to not quit the blueprint but it happen and it very hurt. Why onewheel do nothing to avoid that!!! I dont understand why. I use flat shoes and my foot always stay on the blueprint everytime

  • thank you prease.

  • @charge360 The issue doesn't stem from your footpads. Judging from your speeds on the Owbuddy app you're most likely just pushing your motor past it's capabilities. You've hit 25 mph! If your looking for crazy speed, look at the Evolve GT.
    To me , OW is about the smoothness of the ride and freedom of motion. Anything over 20mph and you really gotta be aware of the motor. I think this is why FM claims the top speed is 15mph --- to keep people from pushing the motor too hard. (didn't work lol)

    I'm sorry to hear about your fall!

  • ahah you see my score wow pretty cool to ear the onewheel can go as fast as an evolve board ( I will buy the Bamboo GT soon) hope go as fast as 25 mph can not damage the board.

    For the sensor pad this happen probably because I do some slalom and if a hit a crack or a hole my feet can lost the blue print. I will take more attention to my front feet but for the safety OW have to offer an option to fix that.

  • It's interesting how much weight can affect max speed, I'm about 215lbs and the motor cuts out on me at 18.9 mph

  • 150 lb for me probably I can reach more than 26 mph. for your size 18,9 mph is very good

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