OW shuts off when cold on first few rides

  • Has anyone experienced their board shutting off when cold? I'm in California so it does not get too cold at night but I've had this happen a few times.
    It has only happened when I've left my board in a trunk or storage compartment in an RV over night. When I try to ride the first time in the morning it shuts off as soon as I start riding. This happens for the first few ride attempts and then seems to act normal. The battery is nearly fully charged and I not riding down hill.
    Looking for feed back from folks who live in colder climates.

  • @wr420 Scary!

  • @thegreck - Yup - when it happens I really have no choice to ride 2 mph for a while until I'm somewhat confident it won't happen again. It will usually do it in the first 10-20 feet from where I start off if it's going to do it.

  • Whats "cold" for you guys? A friend of mine thinks 26c is cold (australia), while I tend to think cold starts at 0c :p

  • @BadWolf Here in Southern California, I'd say anything below 70° Fahrenheit.

  • Cold for around here is about 40-50F /5-10C.
    Not really cold but as cold as it gets around here.

  • I only noticed that when riding closer to freezing point, the battery consumes much more (dies Faster)

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