New to Bay Area new to OW

  • just moved to San Bruno and saw someone the other day on a OW! I was like WTF! So after about 30 seconds on google I found my way here.

    Question to the community: anyone nearby that would let me try one out? Not gonna drop $1500 without even knowing if I can do it. Let me know thanks

    Ashley 704-604-8409 sorry fellas I'm not a hot chick:( or for that matter a chick at all!

  • I'll be at Monte Verde Park on San Bruno from 2:30-3:30 for a kids soccer game. I'll have my OW with me. If you see me ask for a ride.


  • Mine just went back to the factory for a new wheel, but when it's back you can give mine a shot. I'm in San Mateo.

  • @jashley I understand you want to try one.
    But: you can do it! There's no question.
    And you will love it. No question either.
    You may want to give it some time.
    Good luck!
    I'd let you try mine but I'm not in the Bay Area..

  • @jashley Problem with what you're asking is that it's unlikely you're going to have it figured out in a couple of minutes. It's like asking someone to let you ride their skateboard to see if you like it enough to buy one and start skateboarding. It doesn't really work like that for most people.

    You just have to want to ride it. That's it. If you see it on a video, and it looks like something you'd really like to do, then order one and put in the hours getting good at it. That's when it becomes really fun.

  • @akraut - I noticed the map you made of where you ride. I live on De Sabla Rd on the other side of Baldwin St, very close to where you ride. I usually go at night up into Hillsborough, San Mateo Park and Burligname if your interested.
    There is also another guy on my street with a OW, but he just got it and he's a bit slow still.

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