Set percentage for charge.

  • I love my new onewheel! It finally arrived in the middle of a thunderstorm here, down-under. Took it out in the rain regardless and had a blast. One product that definitely deliverers on the hype. Thank-you for building this thing!

    It's been over a week now, but there is one thing I've noticed and that is the regenerative braking is too good!

    I live on the very top of a very steep hill. If I ride across to the parkland and through there, I'm generally fine, but if I ride straight down into the valley, I get the battery overload pushback and board shutdown.

    So my wish: It would be great if I could pre-set in the app to only charge the battery 90%

    I would have imagined this would be controlled by the power supply and therefore not possible, but I thought it would be worth suggesting anyway.

    I saw another person on here who went down-hilling with 50% battery and ended up with 80% or something, so I don't think I'd be alone.

    In the meantime, I'll keep riding through the parkland to get it down to 90% before heading into the valley. It's a nice ride anyway :)

    Thanks again for building this!

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