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  • sorry for starting a new topic again, i just realised i used a completely wrong sub forum just because i created the thread on my mobile...

    hi there, as some of you've probably already read, i'm stuck at home cause i got the flu. and since i can't ride my onewheel anyhow i got a lot of time to browse around the web and this forum. this is why i decided to create one or two mock ups of design interfaces. as i don't want to spam other people's threads, i thought it might be easier to create an independent topic. if anyone has some suggestions on the design, i'll probably try to include them haha. and if someone should be interested in the files, just tell me (@kwatts or @SeeTheInvisible for example). i'm doing this to pass time, by no means a professional or anything. the second mockup i did is this one. it's heavily based on the input i could get via the apps by @kwatts and @SeeTheInvisible

    0_1476084010366_Notification Centre.png


    aaand here's a bright version (so my third mock up). this one's focusing on trip and health data on the main screen instead of options:


    by the way: if you want to see how the screens look like on your phone, just download the picture and open it on your phone.

    if anyone wants to create mock ups of their own and post it here: feel free to do so!

    have a great day, cheers

  • another take on a leaderboard that fits the light version of the theme

    0_1476087232329_OW white Copy.png

  • and a logo mockup, inspiration from the original logo, the footpad and the name "onewheelbuddy" @SeeTheInvisible


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