Foreign objects in rubber

  • I've been riding for a week now and I've noticed that the tire collects lots of tiny stones from the pavement which embed themselves flush into the soft rubber. The bigger ones fall out but I now have quite a collection of very small ones which sit flush with the tire. It doesn't affect the ride in anyway (other than I will have to avoid any hardwood flooring I encounter in the future :) ) but I'm wondering if I should get in there and remove them with tweezers or if this is completely normal and I can ignore them.

  • Compared to normal terrain you ride over, those small objects on the wheel are no problem and should not affect your ride. Obviously the more you ride on rough or sharp objects, the harder it will be on the tire...but you can pay for a new tire when the time comes. If you are worried about it i would just stay away from gravel trails for most of your riding.

  • I get all kinds of gravel, glass shards, and metal-filings embedded in the tire.
    I did remove some of it, especially the glass and metal, but I don't think that it helps.
    It'll just get replaced by something else. It doesn't seem to go very deep, so I just roll with it.

  • Yeah cool. Out on the board today, and paying a bit more attention, I've seemed to noticed that the little stones, even the ones that seem really in there, kind of work their way out as you travel different speeds and over different terrains... I rode back via a different route and all the stones seem to have come loose! So I guess it's just always going to change like that depending on where you ride.

    Thanks for replying!

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