Tip: DIY repair for factory fender

  • I just repaired a large crack in my stock fender, and thought others might benefit from the technique (or share their own).

    • Clean the area around the crack on the inside and outside of the fender.
    • Hold the crack closed by applying a piece of tape on the outside of the fender.
    • Cut a patch from window screen material (I used fiberglass) large enough to cover the crack with plenty (an inch or a few cm) of overlap.
    • Turn the fender over so you're looking at the inside, and lay the window screen patch over the crack.
    • Apply ABS cement liberally to cover the patch. You can find it at your local hardware/plumbing supply.
    • The cement will flow, so hold the fender so the cement will pool over the crack instead of running away from it until the cement sets (a few minutes).
    • After half an hour, you can remove the tape.

    Extra credit: Smear a little cement on the outside of the crack. After it hardens, you can sand it or shave it down, and the repair will be invisible.

  • Thanks - gonna try this - friend rode my OW into a curb and cracked the fender :/ luckily that seemed to be the only damage

  • Thanks for sharing! This is actually very similar to how I reinforce my RC car bodies, except I use Shoe Goo with fiberglass tape for that. Works flawlessly in that application without inhibiting flex. Fortunately I have entered cracked mine (yet) or I'll definitely try what you suggested.

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