Pushback on extreme shaping 2.0 not working?

  • I am a novice rider, and use classic shaping 99% of the time, but the other day I decided to try out extreme shaping 2.0.

    I've only used extreme shaping 1.0 once before, and when I hit top speed the board wobbled and pushed back, and I slowed down.

    On my ride the other day using extreme 2.0, I hit top speed (20km, I had my phone out and was looking at the speed via the OneWheel app on iOS), and there was no pushback whatsoever. The front of my board just tanked down, hit the ground, and sent me flying to a nasty fall.

    Is this a firmware issue or is there something wrong with my board? I read one other comment that another rider had although that was with extreme shaping 1.0.

    What should I do? I haven't tried extreme shaping 2.0 since and I am very reluctant to at the risk of having no pushback and the board's nose just tanking into the ground again.

  • I've only used extreme mode personally because I think any pushback is VERY unnatural. Trust me if you ride in extreme mode and practice, the connection between you and the board will be solid. I'm over 40 and since I've owned the board the only time I ever had a close call was when I accidentally swapped to classic mode. Personally any auto braking system is counterintuitive to the surf/snowboard /skating dynamic. My 2 cents... Sorry for the rant.

  • I just gave a try at Extreme shaping and I had exactly the same problem. I touched with the nose of my onewheel on the ground while riding and flew over the board.

    I feel it as risky because there is no indication from the onewheel that this drop will occur and I just don't want it to happen every time I ride in Extreme mode.

    Can anybody explain what happend and give advice to ride extreme mode properly ?


  • Maybe your board handles differently than mine but I'm guessing it just comes down to experience and knowing the boards limitations. As you ride more in extreme you will learn how to ride so as to not go nose down and at that point you will recognize when pushback is kicking in because you will be much more in tune with the board.

    I ride street at higher speeds at least once a day. At first I was wiping out occasionally but now it's been a while on pavement. Instead I tend to be maxing out the speed while feeling the pushback around 13mph at which time i manage it by not pushing through it so it backs off and I can resume.

  • @thesexybeastman were you on a hill? I've had issues twice on a hill in extreme mode, so have a few others, but that's it really. The push back in Extreme is far, FAR less IMHO than it is in Beginner mode. Twice now I've ridden my board down to less than 5% not realizing it and both times I never felt the low battery warning push back. Hitting top speed though I do feel the push back. In Extreme mode the board is baby sitting you far less and not interfering as much. It basically lets you make your own mistakes now in Extreme mode. I learned I have to be more gradual in Extreme mode with acceleration than in Beginner mode where I'd lean my weight a lot more. Lean a lot less and you'll start to learn to recognize the push back at top speed. and I wear wrist guards, saved my life more than once.

  • I agree with these comments about Extreme mode. For me the Classic mode is just really unnatural with all the pushback (but I understand why it's safer for beginners).
    I've never had my nose dip down and ditch me, and I ride Extreme pretty much at the limits where even it is pushing me back. To me it's actually much easier to ride Extreme because, as mentioned above, it's more natural and I experience the jarring pushback less frequently. I also cannot feel a decrease in cornering or handling (as the app shows in the profile)... to me it just feels better all around

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