What happens at 0% battery?

  • I keep getting down to 1%, but I'm grateful for every foot I don't have to carry this thing.

    How does it behave if you approach or hit 0%? I'm riding very slowly at less than 4%, and there's no pushback. I get off right at 1%, but even a half a block more would be welcome.

    I could just try it, but with an unpowered freewheeling board I think I'd be on my face in a split second.

    I'm hoping for pushback, instead of it just dying, even though I'm going slow.

  • It starts giving you lots of push back, meaning the front of the board will start to lift like you are going too fast. Eventually you will get to a point where you are riding a wheelie until your tail starts to drag. If you try to push through it, it will shut it self off dump you forward.

  • --THIS-- alt text

  • @detroitwheelin you. made. my. day.

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