Learning to ride on the farm !?

  • Enjoy a laugh as I learn to ride on the (bumpy) farm :flushed: Hope to try this bad-boy on pavement soon!

    So far it has rolled through everything on the farm: branches, rocks, pine cones, sand, gravel and even a steaming pile of horse dookie! Love this thing!

  • @A.-Sant oh that was even better at a quarter speed haha Hope you're alright man. Go find some pavement, lower the tire pressure to say like 12 psi and go float/carve. It's awesome.

  • lol..good stuff. Pay attention to the nose!! And I would learn to "run out" when you bail. Whole different experience when you fall like that on concrete!!

  • oh wow, you took the fall pretty well considering.

    why was your nose so low? were you going for top speeds on a slight incline?

  • Think I leaned too far forward on a slight incline and just pitched off the front. Was only my 4th ride..and I'm trying to learn to "run out" of falls but sometimes it seems easier to just roll with it..on grass or dirt! Can't wait to get this on pavement or the beach!

  • You can actually hear that you are accellerating a bit too much, the board cannot hold the balance and digs into the ground

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