Push notification (background notification) for battery status

  • Would love it if: Only when the app has background refresh enabled, my phone can vibrate, flash and chime when I reach 50% battery and again at 5%

    I'm getting better at guessing battery life, but paranoia is keeping me from longer rides. On faster lines I leave my phone in the car or with a friend anyway just to keep it safe, but it would be nice to have some type of passive battery notifier other than pushback at extreme low battery.

  • ditto - would be nice if the app also acted as a strava type program recording where you went and how far/fast you were

  • As long as it's an option, I don't like distractions when riding :)

  • Maybe get a buzz (vibration) for every 10% the battery draines. So we can figure out how much we have left, just by the vibrations, and not having to check the phone while riding..

  • Would also be awesome with a complication on the Apple Watch showing the battery percentage on the OW.

  • @madsb
    Yes! Please do this FM. This would be too usefull to pass up on. Great idea @madsb

  • a 50% notifier would be great for linear rides "turn back now to safely make it to the charge point" as long as there weren't major elevation changes throwing off the guesstimation. If you were all downhill to 50% obviously a half charge couldnt take you the same distance entirely uphill.

  • @madsb I don't own an Apple Watch but apparently the onewheel Apple Watch app does exactly that. Or are you saying it would be good to add a separate complication...

  • @lardnicus watchOS 2 allows for custom complications on the watch face. I'm thinking it would be great to just have to glance at your watch while riding to determine battery status.

  • @madsb I'd say Future Motion would be mad not to!

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