OW keeps going back to classic mode

  • Hi,

    My OW keeps going back to classic mode (which should have been called "beginner mode").

    I can't tell exactly when it happens, i think when battery dies, but sometimes also when battery is full.

    As I don't own an Apple device this is very annoying since I need to find someone with an iphone device to help me.

    Furthermore, the application says it supports iPhone 4, but Iphon 4 can't run iOS8.2 so practically only 4S and beyond are supported.

    So to sump up:

    • Is it only my board or does it happen to others?
    • This is annoying :( We need android app :)

  • Sucks, gotta buy a icrappy 4s like the rest of us, at least they're cheap, $100?

  • @matan_m1 - you can switch modes manually, several OWers say they do it, but FM warns against it. See this thread for description of manual switching and FM's comments on using it:

  • There is only one other user on this forum that has reported this to keep happening. I think you can get a 4s for around $50 on eBay. The app is a must even without this issue.

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