is it possible to mount the softer "yellow" vega tire?

  • checked out the vega go kart tire page and was wondering why FM didn't go with the softer tire option, my guess is that it wears faster, but honestly, if you're droppin 1500 on an electric skateboard i'm thinkin tire wear would be less of a concern than ride quality

    that said when we do have to replace our tires will there be options; could i upgrade to the softer "yellow" vega tire, would it require differnt firmware or would it just be a cushier more accurate ride?

    vega tire page

  • what about wheels of the same size with treads?? off road wheels?

  • I wore my wheel out in 6 months of hard riding and had to get a replacement. I looked around and the vega tire used is a very unique size as compared to all the other go-kart tires. I think it was the rear right tire for an oval type go-kart which is slightly different than the others. With that being said, I found a few tires that could possibly fit. The only issue I see is I do not have the tools necessary to change this tire. FM has a tire changing service that I wouldn't hesitate to use again for my next tire.

  • Carlo, could pls define "hard riding" i.e. approx. miles/km, on/off-road, dirt road, pavement whatever. Thanks, George

  • I'd like to know this info as well as changing tire is clearly an issue with international riders... 6 months doesn't sound great at all. How was the performance of the board before you had the tire changed? Thanks for any info.

  • @George I wish I knew how many miles I've ridden. I have an android and I don't really track my mileage. I can roughly guess that I easily ride over 50 miles a week. By hard riding, I usually try any hill or any terrain and I carve like a snowboarder does going down a slope. I bring my Onewheel with me like my wallet and skate everywhere I go. I can safely guess that I put over 1000 miles on my first tire. I guess it all depends on the surface you ride on and I didn't choose the best surfaces. But it has been fun as hell!!

  • @Nat the performance of the board always got better with the software updates. The only thing that I was afraid of was getting a flat tire. I wore the edges of my tire down until I saw cloth threads. I rode more cautiously (I went straight a lot) The center of the tire was still good. When I got my new tire I rode with confidence and I'm carving up every street, sidewalk, park, golf course, you name it and I've skated it. I'd recommend not worrying about the tire and go out there and have fun. If I knew I would have that much fun for the price of a tire change every 6 months, you can sign me up for life!!

  • @Carlo 1,000 miles doesn't sound too bad ;) Thanks for the info!

  • @Carlo - 50miles p.w. total 1000 miles - good to know and thanks for the info. I do more or less the same thing - any terrain and carve like a snowboarder (but only 10km per week). I find it extremely relaxing and fun.

    @all...has anybody experienced a flat tire?

  • I can now see the threads peeking through a thin layer of rubber on my tire (on the toe side edge). I'll have threads hanging out within a few days I suspect. I'm approaching 1,000 miles also.

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