Took my OneWheel to the Beach

  • I've been a OW owner for 4 days. Day 4, Beach Day. Didn't go so well.
    Skate shoes became so slippery with wet sand on the grip tape. Bailed many times.
    The OW will sometimes dig into the sand, just like any tire on wet sand. It kicked up lots of sand onto me.
    Sand got everywhere, in the power button, in the power adapter slot, inside the LED's. The button became stuck and hard to depress.
    Wet sand gets caked on and dry sand has no traction. I rinsed the sand off of my OW and it started smoking, battery is fried.
    I put in a support ticket and am awaiting a response. I think this thing is water resistant, but not waterproof.
    Any body have a similar experience?

  • @lynnpreston help the man.

  • surprised to hear, first time reading about water damage to a OW.

  • @NsinR8 sorry to hear about your troubles.

    I've never done it but I'd expect the beach to be a messy experience for anyone but probably takes practice and the right conditions.

    The components should be sealed but of course a lot has to be perfect for full submersion. Fm has basically been saying we should be good with a lot of water but not swimming with it. Obviously some will not be perfectly sealed and they will have to fix those boards while under warranty. Hopefully each one will be a learning experience for future design improvement.

    I've ridden through the rain twice for over five miles each ride and through a lot of puddles and standing water with no issues.

    Unfortunately I just shipped my board back due to issues not related to water. I'll probably be out of commission for at least a month. At least I had a great summer with it.

  • No. I cruise the beach often carving the waterline in and out of a few inches of water and various layers of sand. It gets messy but never as bad as you experienced. All it ever really needs is a light hose or wipe down with a wet cloth and to dry out.

  • @SC720 Glad to hear this because it really bummed me out now that I can't Wheel around. It shook my confidence so much that I vowed to myself that my next OW will steer clear of any water, ever puddles. I hope I'm a rare case and that my OW was a manufacturing anomaly.

  • Who knows maybe the sand is a little different where your at but haven't heard of anyone else with these issues at the beach...if you had fun you could at least get a plug for the charging port and tape over power button or both.

  • Hey @NsinR8, that definitely sounds like an anomaly. If you sent an email to our support email, you will get taken care in no time. We ride our boards at the beach all the time and have no problems. Remember though, Riding your Onewheel through water is okay but you don't want to submerge it into a wave or in deep water, although that usually would be no problem, it's just asking for trouble.

  • To the extent possible, it seems like cleaning with compressed air would be safer.

  • I ride mine on the beach a few times a week. No real issues. A few pointers:

    1.) Get yourself some Vicious grip tape to replace the stock tape. It works SO much better with sandy shoes/feet.

    2.) Try going barefoot at the beach. Even with the Vicious tape, it doesn't hurt me, and sandy skin seems to grip better than sandy shoes.

    3.) Don't ride IN the surf. I occasionally go through a tide pool as necessary, but I don't like to tempt fate. Riding an electronic component intentionally through salt water at speed seems to be inviting disaster.

    4.) Stay on the hard pack. Damp hard pack is fine and has never caused me any issues. Low tide is the best.

    5.) Get yourself a fender. It is fantastic and eliminates water and sand getting thrown all over you.

    6.) If the board got damp, let it dry off, then use compressed air to clean up. Or use the compressed air to help dry it.

    7.) Obviously you have to be more careful carving on the sand. The OW has a tendency to dig in suddenly if you carve hard. Take it easy at first and get the feel. Carving in the sand can be very rewarding. Try it on a slight toe-side to heel-side slope - carving up and then back down the hill. It feels quite a lot like surfing to me.

    8.) This is what it should be like:
    Onewheel - Low Tide

  • I had similar issues the only time I took my OW to the beach. It had to be shipped back to FM for repair. I know lots of OW riders frequently hit the beach, but I'm never risking that, again.

  • Also, FWIW, I have taken both my OW's to the beach many, many times. No issues with either. My point is that it should work fine.

  • I would think wet sand in the charge port could cause a problem..

  • Blowing it out with compressed air or just your mouth eliminates the issue.

  • Or, machine wash, gentle cycle, and use only non-chlorine bleach when necessary.

  • @lynnpreston You said you changed your grip-tape? I saw a while back on here somewhere instructions on how to do that but can't find it again. You wouldn't be able to help me out would you?

  • @lynnpreston right on

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