Isn't the real world mostly "off road"?

  • I've noticed other board co's acknowledge OW's off road capabilities. But I think this is a little misleading. My experience riding in 4 difference cities and many more neighborhoods is that off road is in fact normal. I'm not talking about tearing down the side of a mountain, but coffee runs, commutes or just taking the dog for a walk/drag.

    Lets start with an ideal bike lane or even neighborhood street. You are likely to encounter debris like small rocks, leaves, twigs, etc. In some cases, there is more visible damage like larger cracks, imperfections in repairs, metal plates and then of course there are obstructions like construction or parked cars which force you out into the street or onto the sidewalk.

    And I think the transitions on and off the sidewalk are where things really started to make sense to me. Going on and off sidewalks and watching longboarders pick up and walk always makes me smile. Is this what people mean by "off-road"? Is "off-road" any place you need to get off your board and carry it? The reality is, these simple transitions are "off road" for nearly all devices I've encountered.

    Simply put, I believe OW excels in the real world. When you want to get from A to B, the most likely reason to walk is that you've tried to exceed the range (or you use Android and have no idea how much battery is left - sorry OW team...we needs our Android app). That's just not true of any of the current alternatives. Calling it "off road" is clever positioning, but doesnt change the experience folks are likely to have just getting around.

    In the end, I suspect specs like top speed or range will sell some folks. But it's going to be hard to avoid the reality of more carrying vs more riding in simple day to day use where a lot of the world requires some "off road".

    Curious what others think. I've been known to get far into the bowl of kool aid.

  • I would have to agree. Sometimes a lawn is a smoother ride than certain roads.
    On my commute to work, I wouldn't make it all the way with less "off-road" capabilities.
    Mainly because I have to cross tram tacks up to 4 times.
    But yeah, the road is pretty off road. :)

  • Sometimes I'm riding down the street, people see me coming on a board so they will assume I need the concrete and will start to head towards the grass strip to give way... Until I give way to them, gliding onto the grass strip and cruising on by...

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