Support Line

  • How would you guys rate their support line?
    Has anybody ever made spoken to a live person?

    I've been trying to contact them since yesterday.
    I left a message with a callback number and no call back yet.

    I can't find hours of operation posted.
    I live in California so I'm on their time.

    Email must be the way to go.
    I sent that yesterday as well and am awaiting a response.
    Anyone know the current turnaround time for support requests?

    Has anybody been able to drive up to their factory and get support on the spot?

  • So far, any time I've emailed them, they get back to me within 24 hours. That's great.

  • I've spoken to them once, I think they answered the phone on accident. Don't expect much from support email, eventually they may get back to you..At least that's my experience...

    Did you send your board in for service? You won't get any updates, or that it was received, or any ETAs. You'll just get a note when it's fixed and that it'll go out sometime soon... :)

  • @parrothd I would like to send my board in for service. Battery is fried.

  • My board took about about 10 business days to get repaired, FM took a long holiday(3 days) for labor day so it may be a little faster now...

  • @parrothd 10 business days, I can live with that. What did you send your OW in for?

  • When I called, a service answered the support line, but an engineer got back to me that same day.

  • I had to follow up on an email with no response - but overall theyre still a small company...I'd rather they invested in production capacity than a call centre.

  • Update. They did get back to me on email just over 24 hours. Send me a prepaid UPS label. Sending it back today. :bowtie:

  • Update: I received an email that I'm getting my OW shipped back. It will arrive tomorrow. Shipped via UPS Ground. I live in California so it's a two day shipping. So not counting weekends the turnaround was about 3 weeks or about 12-13 business days. They were also backed up on orders recently due to supply chain shortfalls. :bowtie:

  • I also recently sent in my board for service using the prepaid shipping label and if the tracking I received is accurate (it usually is) then total service time will have taken 20 days. 10 days with UPS and 10 days getting fixed with FM. Service was completely free with the warranty which is really good of FM. I am SO excited to get back out there!!!

  • @slydogstroh said:

    the prepaid shipping label and if the tracking I received is accurate (it usually is) then t

    Yeah, very accurate, if you look at my last update, it was 20 days ago.

  • @NsinR8 I'm super impressed with support, and Julian is the best!!! They have treated me like I'm their only customer every time I've worked with them. I couldn't ask for more.

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