Some equipment to use once I get my OW.

  • Im so stoked to get going. Got myself some protective gear, the knee protection is also what makes me able to work atm, with a crack somewhere in the knee (doctors didnt say where). Elbow and knee protection, a pair of gloves with some built in protection, some reflective tape, glowing LED air valve things that were insanly cheap, like a buck from china, and another buck to get it delivered all the way to Sweden, and they glow really nicely even at daylight. And two rolls of fake carbon fiber cover. And then I build a vacuum former so I can make my own fender, and got plans for some bindings. Just connecting my heavy duty vacuumer to some plumbing parts, and I already got the sizes and frame to hold the plastic done. Now all I need is my One Wheel :D :dancer:

    Wow. This forum is really really buggy from a cellphone :p


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  • Sorry, had to make 4 differant posts. It didnt let me add just 4 pictures into the same post, then it made all 4 pictures the same :D


  • Very well prepared...You are gonna be stoked. Although I don't think the valve stem led's will fit.

  • Not sure about those gloves man. You might want to consider rollerblading wrist protection instead.


  • @Andrew I forgot about those, yeah, I have a pair that will slide underneith the gloves.. Damn Im getting old.. back in the days of snowboarding all I used was a back protection ^^

  • @BadWolf back protection, a good helmet and some undershorts are the staple now I think - wrist guard under gloves if in the park for the day - I used to just wear back protection if going for speed records or park days, but my rucksack has it built in now - though I did see a nice base layer with the padding built into back shoulders and elbows

  • forgot the most important detail yesterday ;)

    Ive come up with the best Halloween/cosplay/costume ever. Imagine wearing a full Iron Man suit (since a transformer suit would be to hard to build), traveling on the One Wheel ^^


  • Silver surfer?

  • Can you explain more about that vacuum former, and about those wooden frames/pvc piece on photos #2/3/4 ? I don't understand, and I want to!

    +1 on the valve things - they won't fit probably.

  • @kolinko Sure!

    Here is the main table, rubber to keep the seal tight once under pressure.
    This is layer one out of 3, with about 1200 small holes that sucks the vacuum later.

    This is from the side, where you can see the layers, its basiclly a top part, a frame around the table, and a bottom with just one hole to the plumbing.

    The feets are just so I can position the table somewhere, attach the vacuum without having all the weight on the plumbing and the vacuumer hose.

    Attaching my vacuumer.

    The essential frame where I will put my piece of thermo plastic later.

    Ill open it up, part 1 and part 2.

    I put my piece of ABS, Lexan, polycarbonate plastic or whatever I need to use here (this is NOT the correct plastic, I put it there to show), put em together with the bolts and put pressure around the edges so that it becomes air tight.

    These wood plugs are just to guide the frame to the correct place within the table.

    Put my mold here, which will be my fender later on =)

    Ill heat up the plastic with a infra heater, about 2000 watt in a form ill build later. Its going to be about 3 feet high cube, where I put my form on top of, with the plastic attached, and the heater at the bottom, it will slowly become warmer and softer. When im done Ill move it back to my table with the vacuumer turned on.

    And when the plastic cools down below the softing point, the plastic will be a hard mould of the fender, ill remove it, and attach it to my OneWheel :)

    Hope that explains it. And also, I have no idea what Im doing, its my first time doing this =)
    I might put the frame on a hinge unless I get a good result from this moving back and forth. We will see.

    Here is a video.
    Starts from about 1:10.

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