Have you done any customization or any modification? Post pictures!

  • WOW! Thanks for sharing your pictures. This is my first time seeing all of your modifications and I like futureboy's because it looks like my board, the Doubletail. I transferred my V1 sensor to an Onetail so I can have Onetails on both sides. Many people claimed I'd nosedive more because of that modification but it isn't true lol! I would LOVE to use the sensor from a plus footpad because they are larger than the V1 sensor but they are not available for sale yet. Anyway, the flight fins inspired me to install Freeboad's S2 Bindings on the Doubletail so I can carve harder and jump over cracks, tree roots, and curbs. Now, many people are claiming I will break my ankles if I nosedive lol. I like the detachable S2 bindings and it gives my board a double personality lol. Without them, it's name is still the Doubletail but when I put the bindings back on I call my board the Ankle Breaker ha.0_1513705201539_20171208_203332.jpg 0_1513705212070_20171208_203335.jpg 0_1513705226793_20171013_100118.jpg 0_1513705233299_20171208_234414.jpg 0_1513705242198_20171209_002845.jpg

  • @iiikz
    Hello! You obviously remove the original grip tape that was over the sensor,any trick on how to remove it with out damaging the sensor?
    Thanks Steve

  • @steeve I used a heat gun on low setting to make the tape easier to peel off (be careful not to melt the tape). I read that blow dryers work too also some people leave their OW in the sun for few hours to soften the tape. The challenge for me was removing the plastic covering the sensor it was glued down pretty good (I used putty knife).

  • @ow-miami Looks good! What kind of grip tape did you use?

  • @futureboy
    Beautiful Job on the Boards Decks!!
    Question did you move the sensor in between the grip tape the board or did you leave it where it was is the back of the board on top of the sensor???

  • I got rid of the S2 bindings because I realized I like to use the Onewheel for cruising, not tricks/flights. Anyway, I got tired of waiting for the plus footpad so I put two V1 sensors in parallel on my Onetail. It works really nice and it feels like a plus footpad lol. My wife loved my mod so I made a second one for her Onewheel! I know this set up cost $100 for two sensors plus $100 for the Onetail on each side but it is WORTH it!!!0_1520031616948_double sensor.jpg

  • @sonny123 Onewheels float - so no worries. Sent mine off the dock into the lake. A paddle tire and some more power; then I will be able rip across the lake.

  • This post is deleted!

  • 62CE989A-0756-46EE-A20E-23944A0F240F.jpeg CDA30409-5BFD-4571-A448-10BDE3A0BACD.jpeg 434FB7B0-91E6-4D55-9BE5-B04C776F23E5.jpeg 34F6D71C-4CFE-4169-BB1C-D1DAF402C792.jpeg

  • I found a roll of 3M reflective material and decided to wrap my rails with it last night. My friend, I float with, has gone with a blacked-out theme for his XR; So figured I would make mine Super-bright!

  • @JFB access denied

  • @tomfoolery LOL! Yeah, I'm new to this forum; still figuring out how to post photos.

    Got a Flight fins fender and FF Hoosier installed over the weekend. Also, I made some bootleg stickers and went crazy on my board!

    My one wheel "Jenny" and my pup Lulu...
    jenny and lulu.jpg

  • 05C649D5-1E89-4B92-AC76-2D147C53BF71.jpeg AE2F99C5-4164-433C-8EB8-BFFBD0CC9D15.jpeg

  • @causticgrip

    Your tire lettering looks great! Nice job!

    Did you cut your XR graphic by hand? Or do you have access to a SUMA plotter?

  • @JFB all the tape work you see was by hand.
    And thanks on the wheel letters.

  • New fender cut from a barrel. Also some new graphics I printed to wrap it. new fender.jpg



  • This is a prototype design to test if I like the wheels or not. Thought I would share my thoughts.

    First off, I love my XR! I now have over 150 miles on it. I crashed with 40 mile on it and broke my collar bone. Anyway, long story short, my friends have "fangs" and suggested them to me. I think they are ok for perfectly smooth surfaces...

    So, after about 25 miles of testing with the wheels here are a few observations: They pull you straight if you are turning really tight (12" circle) and touch the front. Meaning you have to jump off. So compromises already... Before the front wheels; while going down a ramp to a street that slopes back up, I caught the front twice and had to jump off. Since adding the wheels, I have not done this. Going up a steep hill the wheels will touch and keep you rolling.

    If I decide to keep the wheels, (which at this point I am on the fence if I will) I will machine the brackets out of nicer metal. This prototype is just to see if I liked them. So far, I haven't really needed them, so, (and I am just musing) Do I keep them for the possibility that they maybe could help? I'm thinking about everything...

    I like cruising at 16+mph on my board, but touching the front at those speeds is not what I have felt like testing, so at this point I have not tested if the wheel could help prevent a crash during a high speed nose dive. I'll add more as more test miles are racked up.

    The axle makes a nice carry handle.



  • @FutureBoy
    Look's Awesome!
    Question is the pool deck right on top of the stock sensor foot pad with 1/4 neoprene between the pool deck and stock foot pad.What did you mean by : the boards and skid rails under the sides?
    I would appreciate a reply.

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