Has anyone done a 360?

  • I have seen people do 180, and I have done one myself, but I was wondering about the 360?

    If anyone has done one please let me know, or try to film it. That would be awesome.

    I tried a few times, but didn't manage to do it:

  • @simenlier as the long wait for my board continues, your videos keep me positive. It's fun watching them!

  • I think what it needs is to be permanently on... so that it self balances while you are in the air.

    a 360 is just too much time in the air, board with shut down and your feet will have tor right the board first.

    I wonder if you can trick the sensor into staying on by putting a piece of metal or something down...

  • @lardnicus ppl talked about this in another thread. But I think an answer is for FM to create a feature which allows for a sensor delay. It would allow for users to adjust how they want the sensor to react.

  • @Brutha Man I haven't heard this responsem but I sure can imagine it. Either have it as a custom setting (why not along with stuff like level and pushback and stuff like that), or just a "trick" mode. With several seconds sensor delay for tricks.

  • Technically, if we have several seconds (or minutes for that matter) of sensor delay (just disable it?). Then the board should just stop and stay level if you dismount. The only real drawback is when mounting/dismounting as you'd have no option other than to jump on/off. Not that it should be a problem for a trickster ;)

    On second thought. As the battery side of the board is a bit heavier, I'd assume that it would actually trot along at a low pace in that direction if the sensors are on with no one standing on the board. That is, if the terrain is flat.

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