Got Just My Board Back...Calibration Issue

  • Just Got My I just got my board back from FM road it around and noticed that the side with the sensor is always tilted lower than the other side, regardless of which direction i am going. So i took a break and put a carbon fiber wrap on my board to keep it looking fresh, road it around again with the same issue. later i got on to ride it but the callibration seems to be soo far offf that when i stand on the board it tries to spin the wheel with the tail stil on the ground. it seems to think it is level during resting position... any way this can be fixed without sending it in? i just got it back a few days ago

  • Just wondering how long it took for FM to service your onewheel? I just sent mine in today and am dreading the ~2 week wait. I feel for you man.

  • This post is deleted!

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