OW bag anyone?

  • I think I'll be hiring a designer to produce a bag for my onewheel. I want something that I can put OW when going through airports, by train and in other similar situations.

    My initial feature list:

    • probably a bag, not a backpack - easier to produce, and I often carry backpack for other stuff with me
    • foldable/compressible, so I can hide in my primary backpack when not in use (e.g. I arrived at the destination and I want to take OW out and ride it)
    • extra room for the charger? not sure if I needed really, because I can carry charger in my primary backpack

    I also consider producing some kind of a harness / straps. E.g. if I know that I will have to walk a lot, I could just bring straps with me. Something like this: http://www.loopasana.com/images/howto/matstrap/mat001.png . Those would be also beneficial in emergency, if I happen to run out of battery on the road.

    What do you guys think?

  • I hate carrying my OW and its discouraged me from taking it on trips where lots of stairs or major elevation change is involved. So I think a bag/carrying solution is a lovely idea.

  • Would love to see a purpose made OW bag. I'm sure you'll get some positive feedbacks re desired features! A comfy strap is a must though!

  • Makes me think that FM is bound to have thought about this - and may already have a bag in the works? If not, I will most likely be a customer of yours, @kolinko :)

  • There are some threads about the topic, and there are at least two of us that have tried a kind of carrying strap solution (and not just a dufflebag kind of thing). It's a nice thing to have indeed. But my version of the "computer bag one shoulder strap", the board weighs quite a lot on the shoulder. I would probably want something better if I had to carry it for more than 15 minutes.

    I'm with @Nat and would love one made especially for this purpose as previously requested.
    As in this:
    and this:


  • @germx thanks for the links to the other threads. They've been helpful :)

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