do one wheel have spare wheels

  • i am planning to get one wheel so i am asking if the wheel get puncture can i buy a new wheel? and from where can i get the wheel.

  • from what I've gathered (currently waiting for mine to arrive), you have the following choices for wheel repair: If it's minor enough, you can use Slime (or similar) to repair it in the traditional manner or you can send your 1W in for a tire change service (approx $100 including shipping). Conceivably you could purchase a tire yourself for around $75-80 (from an appropriate go-kart tire vendor) and install it (or have them install it as it would appear to require specialized equipotment to mount) but according to what I've read, the 1W will require calibration after a new tire install so that may not be a good choice.

  • Why would it need calibration? its only a tire.. Where did you hear that?

  • In order to change the tire, you will need to disassemble the 1W at least minimally. It's been stated in several different posts on the forum (under a post title "Maintenance?" under the FAQ header and a couple of other posts as well.) that if the 1Ws tire is changed or if it is disassembled, it will need to be calibrated (re-calibrated?) upon re-assembly in order to function properly and that's what i based my statement on.

  • I have read the same things @chance2ride

  • Here's a corroborating quote from the service/support dept.

    @Onewheel-Support said:

    Hey Onewheelers, glad to hear the slick tires are working for you out there in every condition. As @Franky mentioned, we have done extensive testing with lots of different tires and felt the slicks produced the best overall performance. That said, we are still open to new tire designs and treads down the line.

    note: changing the tire is very technical and the board must be re-calibrated after so it needs to be done by us!

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