Fender - Don't buy, cracked within a week.. :(

  • Just noticed my fender has cracked, lasted all about 8 days of riding...

    I would think for $85 it would be made out of a more durable plastic.....

  • Wow, that sucks to hear! I'm waiting for my 1W and was looking forward to ordering a fender before it's arrival but for $106 shipped I'd hoped that it would be more resiliant. Bummed. Are you going to try to repair it? Where on the fender did it crack?

  • I have to counter this... I think that FM should step up and replace your fender... But I'm loving having it. It makes all the difference now that fall/winter is setting in. It is made of plastic, so we all know that there is a possibility of damage. Mine has taken a couple of nasty spills and has held up, but I definitely can see it breaking with the right kind of bump. I'd say it's still worth having a fender, especially if FM steps up here.

  • Aww man! I see that it's still functional but that's gotta be disappointing! I'm curious as to how they'll handle it if at all. Please keep us posted! I was thinking of maybe grabbing one off of one of the 2 folks that mentioned that they'd be making their own (one of them out of carbon-fibre for supposedly around the same price) but I haven't seen recent updates from either of those 2...

  • @parrothd They will likely replace it. Hit them up. I curious to see how they handle something like that.

  • @Chance2Ride

    Still waiting for my wheel...don't you worry I'm still going to make a carbon version..

  • @parrothd Man, that's crazy you didn't actually notice it when it cracked. I'm assuming it had to have taken a pretty nasty impact. Despite incurring some pretty deep scratches during my crash last week, my fender held up suprisingly well.

  • Sucks with the crack. I hope FM replaces it. In the meantime I'd advise you to get a pack of Sugru to fix it. That stuff is amazing.


  • Sucks bro, My Fender has been good so far, and I have scratched it up a bit too, but seems pretty durable so far. What happened? Can you tell us what kind of a crash or whatever it was to made it crack? You're kinda vague

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