Compile and post your OW fails ?!?

  • onewheel fails

    A few OW fails of my own
    More to come!

  • Think you need to ditch the camera... :)

  • Do wound photos count? ;)

    I was playing in a local park, doing sharp turns, accelerating fast on gravel, and getting to max speed. Not much protection, because it was spontaneous on my way back from work.

    Then, on one tight turn, the board's acceleration wasn't good enough and it nosedived. I was full weight on my front foot, managed to do three small steps, then landed on my side.

    Effect: a solid right elbow scratch (even though I was in a jacket), and a solid left-hand scratch.

    Lessons learned: I really could use right elbow protector. I wear gloves now. Besides that, I think that it's crucial to have your front leg as close to straight as possible. It wasn't my first nosedive, but in the previous ones I think I was leaning back, with my front leg straight, and it ended up with me running off the board, without taking a fall. This time my front leg was bent, and most of my body was on the right - there was no chance to regain stability after the nosedive.

  • Nose dive on the farm!

  • Took a spill today... pretty glad I had my wrist protectors on. Went around a corner and accidentally leaned too much forward, gaining speed like a mad man. Board nosedived and sent me flying, couldn't run it out. Apart from a sore hip and elbow, only my pride was hurt :grin: Luckily the spill happened in a residential area with nobody around, so it wasn't too embarrassing.

  • I eat it really hard at the :12 mark.

  • Haha so funny to find this post, I just ate it hard an hour ago- LITERALLY just finished healing my sprained ankle and I managed to fly off the board yet again doing a sharp turn at full speed.

    No harm done thankfully but I thought to myself, I wonder if other riders fall often :) hehe

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