A few general questions before I buy...

  • Hi everyone, I am really interested in getting the onewheel, but I just have a few questions that I want to clear up before I make such a large purchase.

    1. Does the onewheel do well in the snow? The reason I started looking at this over the zboard2 I because it looks like I can use this all year round, while the Zboard is done for the year as soon as it snows. Is snow too slippery for the onewheel, or can I still keep control even on packed snow?

    2. The tire. I understand that this is a high quality tire that comes pre-lined with slime, but I'm still worried about a flat. For those of you who got a flat, how much did it cost to get it fixed (shipping (in the US), parts, labor, etc) and how long did it take? The onewheel looks really cool but if getting a flat puts it out of commission for a month or more and costs me $200 or more that may be a deal breaker.

    3. I will be using this as a way to get around campus and for short around town trips (Also just for fun). I will need to bring this into every lecture I have throughout the day and sometimes carry it up 3+ flights of stairs. How is it to carry? 25 pounds seems pretty hefty, but what is your experience with carrying the board?

    4. I'm trying to save up my money but I'm big on zero emissions travel and I hate driving my car only a half mile, it's a total waste of gasoline. But in the summer and winter here in good old New England the weather can be not to friendly to those who choose to walk (I.e oppressively humid and ridiculously cold respectively). Is the onewheel worth the $1550 price I'll be paying? (I'm also getting the fender so that's another $85)

    Please convince me! I really want to buy it but I can't be comfortable making such a huge purchase without being well informed about it. Thanks!

  • I can't answer about snow or flat tires, but I commute on mine and need to take it on the train occasionally or into a building.

    Carrying it for 1-2 minutes is manageable - but, yeah, it's heavy. Longer than that is fairly miserable in my opinion. My compromise is to slip it into a backpack and carry it on my back when needed. Since I have a pack on for other gear, it's not a big deal. Plus, I carry my charger, so I can get back home.

    It's surprisingly comfortable inside a good backpack - with the tire in the low back area. I'm a rock climber, so hefting around a heavy pack is fairly common me. Might be less fun for other people.

    I also tend to just ride it where I should probably carry it - like on a public elevator :)

    Another option would be to wheelie it around on a luggage rack or some custom clip on wheels for one end. I'm shopping for hardware for this idea, but I haven't come up with anything good yet.

    Hope that helps! Personally, I love riding so much, I really don't think about the inconvenience of carrying it when needed. I'm just happy to have it :)

    For me, it was well worth the $$

  • I ride my one wheel to the metro station and then pick it up and carry it for a minute or two. I agree that any longer than that is not pleasant. I cannot imagine routinely carrying it up three flights of stairs multiple times a day.

    I have also experimented with various straps to make it easier to carry. I went to the hardware store and picked up rubber tubing with hooks on either end – it was in the bungee section – and it turns out the hooks fit nicely into the carrying handle portion of the one wheel. Then I can kind of throw the one wheel over my shoulder. It makes it easier to carry, but it is still awkward, and if I have been riding through any sort of weather it then my clothes will get dirty.

    I have also considered a clip on wheel attachment for one side so that I can pull it along like luggage! I honestly think this would be the best solution and I am looking forward to tinkering with my tools :-) it would require some sort of platform and a way to keep the one wheel stable and not falling off the wheels.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXn0Cf7Wf7k I think Onewheel will beat any other Eboard when it comes to bad road conditions. The Zboard Pearl is said to be "splash" proof but I don't think it would fair to well in the snow for daily rides. Get a onewheel

  • Seems to me that the OW is something fun that you could commute on (under the right circumstances) rather than a commuting solution that happens to be fun. If your priority is a commuting solution there are probably better solutions out there, like maybe something like a Solowheel. Dunno about snow on those.

    Are OWs shipping with Slime now? I thought people were adding their own. If you do get a flat, you should be able to plug it with a tire kit, but if the hole is in the sidewall or otherwise unrepairable the tire is not user replaceable, according to the manufacturer (because installation requires a calibration).

    Speaking of snow, someone should try snowboarding a OW uphill using these:


  • Somewhere I saw an electric skateboard with large (for a skateboard), knobby tires - might be the best option for snow.

  • Here's a guy on a Onewheel on snow:

  • Anyone have experience with replacement tires? That's my biggest concern, not even the price but the wait. I don't want to be without my ride for a month or so. I'd definitely prefer this over the Zboard as far as it's usefulness when riding on other surfaces (i.e. Over grass and the crappy sidewalks, up and down curbs, etc).

    I like the backpack idea but the one I have on me is always full of books and stuff, maybe a sling like contraption that covers the wheel to prevent the carrier from getting wet while also providing a more comfortable hand hold?

  • Onewheel is going to be more fun and way more versatile than any other electric board as far as riding and the elements.

    I would not expect to plow through many inches of snow but one inch or newly plowed with a bunch of salt should be manageable with practice and fendor. My biggest concern is the effect of cold on the batteries.

    Tire damage should be a non issue in my opinion. But repair on any device is a possibility on all these devices. After three months of riding, mine is at fm for repair. Thankfully they are covering all expenses since it's under warranty. I've heard people with the electric boards have also needed various repairs too.

    The board weight and size of ultra charger might be a deal breaker if you need to lug it around a lot...at least until they come out with a bag that you can pull it around. Even then, many stairs would be strenuous.

    Ultimately no transport is going to be perfect. Just weigh e pros and cons of each and pic the best that doesn't have a deal breaker.

    Or maybe the most practical thing for you is walking! It's only a half mile, it's better for he planet, you don't need to worry about what to do with it on campus, you save a bunch of money, you don't risk needing repair....PROBLEM SOLVED. Then again if you want to have a lot of fun, order your onewheel today.

  • Hey everyone thanks so much for all the tips and honest answers to my questions. I spent a lot of time the last few days thinking about it and finally pulled the trigger! I decided that the weight and tire risks are completely overshadowed by the amount of fun and versatility it offers over my other options. That said, if anyone has figured out a good way to carry around their onewheel a little more easily please let me know! Really looking forwards to my onewheel's arrival!

  • @ZeroEmissions Don't be too excited. I hate to burst your bubble, but I ordered September 9th, and they said I will have it in December. Just try to forget you ordered it and remember again around the new year lol

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yikes, it said 6-8 weeks when I ordered. Hopefully I can just forget about it and the day I get the email it will be like: "oh yeah! Awesome!" But something tells me that's not very likely. Bummer the wait is so long...

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