Riding 1W down long and/or steep hills?

  • While I'm waiting on my 1W to arrive, watching videos (over and over) and reading forum posts, I noticed that there isn't much talk and no real footage showing 1W riding down long and/or steep hills. Does anyone have experience riding under these conditions, urban and/or off-road? How des the 1W handle it? Is it brakes the whole way down? How steep can you go?

  • Long and steep is no problem. The board is very responsive forward and back. Leaning back down a hill lets you control your speed precisely to whatever speed you are comfortable with including a full stop.

    However there are two things to keep in mind.

    1. too much breaking when the battery is full will cause the board to stop you with pushback because overcharging is bad...never happened to me but others have experienced this. I would imagine this could be an issue if you live high up and need to ride down.

    2. stopping too quickly to the point of a tail slide normally ends badly as soon as the tail goes down. At that point the board normally slides out from me. There is something about going from mechanical breaking to the tail sliding that doesn't transition well until you have a lot of experience handling it. Case in point I was riding off road on wooded trail and was at the top of a hill that had various ruts and imbedded rocks going down. First time down this I started too fast then tried to break. As soon as the tail slid on a rock, the board flew out in front of me while I fell back. Next time down that hill I road slower and really controlled my speed better and it worked well. I suppose you could also just go for it but then you risk nosediving and fling forward.

  • Actually riding downhill is the only thing I don't like about the onewheel. I'm an avid snowboarder and I love to carve but the downhill experience on the onewheel is nothing like a snowboard. Small hills and flat ground are really where the onewheel shines. I actually nearly started a thread on this topic myself. Do you guys actually like going downhill on your boards? I don't mind uphill but downhill just seems a little bit awkward, I'm always waiting for the back of my board to scrape the Tarmac. I avoid going on steep hills just cos it's less fun and I have to slow down. That's the thing right, on a snowboard you're hitting your top speeds on steep hills, on the onewheel you're actually going slower than normal. Saying that though I still absolutely love my onewheel on relatively flat ground. I just reckon steep hills are the worst environment for using a onewheel.

  • I also love snowboarding but I enjoy riding onewheel down hill, flat, and uphill but uphill the least because you have to be more careful about not pushing it and taking a nose dive.

    Down hill for me is most fun off road as the extra momentum helps a lot on the unpaved surfaces that are not normally as fast.

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