Riding vs Kiting?

  • hey all,
    I'm awaiting my One Wheel - I don't have much experience with skateboards or snowboards, but I do quite a bit of kiteboarding on a twin tip board. Can anyone say if the experience is similar?

    Regardless, I'll figure it out - but it would be great to translate some of that feeling to the pavement.

  • Haven't tried the kite, but I have plenty of hours on a wakeboard. Reading your question I realised that most of the time when people ask me about how riding the OW feels like I refer to snowboarding or wakeboarding on a glassy lake, you know, when you just hear the "sssssss" sound as you go. That's the feeling I get from doing large turns in highspeed with OW.

    btw. I'm also waiting for my board, put in the order yesterday, so with that 8 week backlog they have, it's going to be a looooong couple of months.. fortunately a friend got his board a month back so whenever we hang out I can feed my addiction with a full battery of riding.

    I just wanna say I think the onewheel is a classic!

    Oh yea.. we're in Helsinki Finland so anyone else up in here with a board, it'd be cool to share some spots and practice some tricks together.


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