Diminished speed and overall capacity to accelerate. Especially uphill.

  • I've had my board for about 6 months and have had the usually falls you'd expect. But lately I've noticed a diminished capacity for uphill climbs. I've tackled some pretty steep hills in the past with little problem as I'm quite a light guy. Is this just a result of general wear on the board and mileage on the board?
    I've done the usual maintenance and kept it clean with 1.6 bar in the tyre, as anything more tends to be too bumpy. I've loved the overall experience and want it to last. Anyone else have this kind of experienc? Any suggestions?

  • Have you tried longer charge time? Few folks have shared that this is necessary to re-balance charge across LiPo cells.

  • Also, whats your outdoor temperature? Is it dropping close to 0?

  • @shaunabe I keep the charging time at 25 to 30 minutes and that gives it a full charge.

  • @BadWolf The temps here in Australia are pretty mild but no where near 0. But if you think temperature plays a roll I'll keep an eye and monitor the differences.

  • It also may be noted that I've probably done a total of 50 hours on the board in the 6 months since I've had it and it's been a star performer. But lately it's been a little slugish.

  • @Martin I'd try leaving it plugged in for 24 hrs. There might be better info on rebalancing cells, but this seems to work for most folks.

  • @Martin Also be sure you haven't accidentally changed the mode to Classic. Always ride in Extreme, or you'll lose a lot of control over things like acceleration and the ability not to kill yourself.

  • @Martin

    I'd be interested in what your odometer says if you have oWheelbuddy or another way to access it. I'm at roughly 230, both in miles and pounds.

    I've considered that the Onewheel seems slightly wimpier sometimes lately, but I don't notice it every time. I spend 20-25% or more of my time on hills, depending.

    A couple of times, I've also noticed a sort of hiccup when braking, either it's glitching for a moment or I occasionally brake too hard.

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