Electric boardsport accident vid, safety thoughts, etc

  • So I broke my wrist riding Onewheel and only recently got the nerve to get back on the thing, when this video pops up in my Youtube feed
    Might be of interest for safety folks. The crash is around eight minutes if you like cutting to the chase.

    So I was thinking "oh great here we go, I'm gonna die boardsport kills etc ad naus" but this guy made a lot of mistakes:
    -No helmet (no gear at all actually)
    -Trespassing (because whenever anything isn't locked it's ok to go in)
    -Fast stuff
    So it had talk about safety and how dangerous e-boardsport is and all that, with dudes at shows wearing full face helmets and full body textile suits when the bottom line was the guy went out one time without a helmet and suffered severe brain trauma.

    I try to avoid reading YouTube comments however Casey Neistat came up under this vid and that was good reading. I like the guy, he's great but zipping around NYC on a Boostedboard weaving in traffic no safety gear talking to a DSLR while filming aerial with a drone, I have a rotten feeling he's just going to bite it someday.

  • @Poseur-Pete I don't doubt it. He's like the Steve Irwin of YouTube.

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