App: alarm when battery is at 100%

  • Would be cool if the app would give me a notification when the board is finished charging. Then I'd know I'm ready to unplug and hit the road!

  • would be handy indeed - but not sure they could make that work as the app link to the board is via bluetooth so only works within a few meters - so unless you sit next to your board while charging it it won't be able to tell the app it is done charging...?

  • What they need is a chime in the board.. I have an airwheel and it beeps when its almost dead..

  • Oops , I read that wrong lol

  • Yes! @Onewheel-Support Please put a chime into the board so that when its at 5% battery it lets you know... I hate those moments when you run out of battery and you have no brakes!

  • I know you said it would be "cool to have", which is true, but I don't see this as a big issue. It takes no time to charge at all, you can launch the app and literally watch it filling up. I plug it in and by the time I'm finished doing the dishes or checking my email it's done.

  • Tough crowd :-)

    Bluetooth usually has a 10m (~30ft) range, but that's not actually important, because you'd only need to connect initially, measure the battery level, then set a timer in the app. (Since charge time can be estimated).

    And, agreed, it's not a big deal. I can set a timer easily enough.

    I'm just spoiled because I live in Japan. Nearly everything in the house is automated and either talks or beeps. It's great.

  • I'd love to have a little LCD display on the top left of the board (or even on the other platform) on the maple platform that displays the battery percentage left. Having real time information like that at a quick glance would be amazing. Even if people don't want to look at it while riding, a quick glance at a stop light or drink break is easy enough to do and this won't require an app, Bluetooth, etc. The bad thing about having it in the maple platform is replacing the platforms if needed, as it would require the LCD and wiring built in somehow or with a small connection. Maybe there find a retrofitted way to display battery percentage somewhere on the board that would be cost effective yet still achievable easily enough.

  • @T-CAT they could probably fit one in the frame close to the wheel.. My airwheel has one.. It's all you really need.. Set the mode you like and go..

  • @njcustom this product is def missing some common sense items lol

  • @itwire said in App: alarm when battery is at 100%:

    @njcustom this product is def missing some common sense items lol

    I would like to hear your ideas if you don't mind?

  • The onewheel has been made to be a sport board, not a commuting board, that's why it is very heavy and sturdy.
    The advantage of that is that you can litterally bring it anywhere without fear, I know even one that fall in the lake with his onewheel...and it was still working after :P
    Adding an lcd screen with conenctions and so on will just add new point of failure, so I don't think it's a good idea...
    I prefer to be able to replace footpad for cheap ;)

  • the easiest and most cost effective way for one wheel would be to add push notifications to there iPhone and android apps. They could address all the items with this. Low battery, overcharge, max speed limit reached and then you could select which ones you would like notifications for. At least then your phone would vibrate or if you had apple watch would vibrate. Or a small speaker integrated on to the mother board would make a high pitched beep, very common in the computer world. this would have been an easy solution during design cost would have been less than a dollar per board.

    I like the lcd screen idea built into the frame. Not a nice screen may be just like what you see on a go bro black and white half the size. the foot pad could lay right over top of it. it would just have a notch of the wood cut out of it, really not a big deal it wouldnt effect the board at all or the replaceable pads. they would just have to be slightly different in there design.

    I really hope they redesign the front computer and connectors there looks to be a ton of space up there, I hope in the future we get a duel battery option or as many hope a swappable battery. It really looks like there is room up in the front foot pad. The connectors they are using are gigantic, i have to think there are better space saving solutions. I have had my board for a month and have constant range anxiety.

  • perfect sized lcd screen pic taken from yeti 400
    0_1471006150065_LCDSCREEEEEN.pdf ![0_1471006078275_image1[1].JPG](Uploading 100%)

  • Yes please. Some kind of notification when that battery gets to a certain percentage would be awesome. I was thinking tonight that maybe the front light could blink.

  • @kayak4r, @itwire : there has been a post recently from @SeeTheInvisible who seem to have allready implemented such push notifications in his app

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