One wheel stopped working

  • Hey one wheel forum,

    My baby blue after 6 months has stopped working after I took a fall... I was crossing the street going maybe 9mph and hit a pot hole and left my board tumbling a bit... Then I tried pushing the power button and it doesn't even work. ( no light on circle).

    So I went home and tried to charge the board to test if it would work but no lights came on when I plugged it in and the charger light went from green to no light.... Also there was a clicking sound coming from the charger.

    I'm not to sure what to do at this point FM hasn't contacted me yet, but I do request a couple of questions

    1. I'm from canada, and I was wondering about how much is repair shipping cost of the onewheel (for all the international boarders out there) total...

    2. Anyone have this problem before? And any feedback is appreciated.

    Just one hurting onewheeler who wants his baby blue to keep on living.


  • They'll get around to your request and send a ground shipping return label at no cost.

    You can request expedited shipping if you want to pay the difference, I went with 2 day. Once it's there it'll be 1-2(?) weeks before you get a response with info on how to pay for shipping again if you went with express or they'll ship back via regular ground..

    They're not very fast at responding...

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