Where to ride in Berlin?

  • Hi OneWheelers!

    I'm taking my board to Berlin (from Warsaw). Any cool places / sightseeing paths you'd recommend?

  • Set your GPS to trails

  • Bike lanes are pretty awesome, but I haven't been back to the city with my OW yet. As I recall Tiergarten was great for biking/running etc. Treptower Park was also pretty cool (huge Russian Memorial). As I recall there is pretty good access to the Spree too from Treptower...though there are lots of good pits of Spree - might make sense to check running or bike trails to see the best parts.

  • Thanks! By the way, I met one of OneWheelers with leading a group of Segways yesterday. Was it one of you guys? :)

  • Are you serious? Head directly to Tempelhofer feld!

  • Go where all the bike/segway tours meet each morning near the radio/tv tower needle thing, then follow them around.

    I was in Berlin a few weeks after getting my Onewheel and I was so pissed at myself for not having it as I rented a crappy bicycle to tour the city. Bring a backpack with your charger so you can charge it full when you stop for a drink.

    So jealous of you!

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