Commuting on CalTrain - where do you put your OW

  • I need to start commuting on Caltrain for a new job. Need to get a couple of miles
    On each end. Seems like a great reason to buy a One Wheel.
    So for riders that do it now - where do you put it?
    -stand and hold in bike car?
    -on the racks above the seats?
    -standing up next to your seat with your hand on it?
    What works best? Would be nice to sit and chill on the ride if possible.
    Thanks -Phil

  • Not sure what the cal-train is, but if it's like the Subway/Metra and a seat is open I sit with it between my legs. You need a fender(get the carbon fiber one) or else you'll get dirt on you. If not I stand and lean it against the wall.. :)

  • The first time I rode Amtrak, I heard the crew talking about my OW as I boarded. They were trying to decide if it was electric and if it was banned, but none of them had seen a OW before, so they didn't stop me.

    The next time, I carried it in a snowboard bag. No problems. It fit in the overhead bin.

  • I just ordered one of these last night. It was recommended on these forums and might be a bit more inconspicuous when traveling...

  • @flip7 Caltrain? You don't mean the Metro in LA by any chance? I ride the Gold Line, and I sit in one of the seats that face the center and slide my OW under the seat between my legs and put my backpack under the front end to keep it in place. Fits nicely out of the way, and none of the passengers that get on after me even realize it's there. There's usually a lot of surprised and confused stares when my stop comes and I pull the Onewheel out from under the seat.

    Sometimes there's no available seats, so I'll either stand in the area for bikes and lean the OW against the separator and stand beside it to keep it from sliding or falling over when he brakes too hard or takes off too fast.

    Been commuting this way for about 7 months now and it's great. So much easier than messing around with a bike. Those guys are always in everyone's way and have a lot of trouble getting on and off a packed train.

  • Wow - great responses and so fast.
    CalTrain is the commuter train between the south bay of silicon valley
    and San Francisco. There is some room and if you are lucky you get a seat
    most of the time. The suggestion for the fender is good, thanks. I did
    see that the OW works wet, so since it rains here in the winter , that is much
    better than a boosted board. As for the carbon fiber one that I just read about
    that one of the forum posters makes - it is either magnetic or you can use provided thumb screws to be extra secure, do I have that right?
    Any other hints for a new owner would be great too - thanks - Phil

  • I found a cool duffel bag on Ebay, I think it was $11. I was using it to take the OW in and out of my office building discretely, but I've gotten over it, I don't use it anymore. I carry it with me folded anyway and I just slip in the laptop, the duffel bag is extra protection if I ever fall with it, and if I ever need it to disguise the Onewheel it's there.

  • @flip7 I've ridden caltrain a few times with my OW. I just kept it in the isle and moved it whenever it looked like it might be in someone's way. This was a friday afternoon packed commuter, no one said a word.
    Also taken it on Bart a few times without issue.

  • I've been fine on SF buses.

  • I know I'm late to the party, but I ride Caltrain every day and if I'm standing, I just hold it between my knees or lean it against a wall somewhere. Sitting, I usually keep it between my knees or under the seat.

    I used to ride BART a lot and it was basically the same game.

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