How does 4-6 turn to 10-11 weeks?

  • @PhobicTribe I feel for ya man! I don't know if you have a local indoor skate center, but I do by my house and its a blast. Here is a video of what its like.

  • @J-Glide said:

    Nice vid! Seems you have the 180 trick down! Now that you're used to the movements, can you do the trick on any surface?

    PS. I think you're making worse for the guys waiting by posting that video lol! Surprised they let you ride in there though, nice one!

  • @J-Glide great vid!

    Question. In the last few seconds there were two ramps. You went on the first one but skipped the second that would have given you some air. Have you ever gone off the second one?

  • @PhobicTribe many of us if not all of us got the run around.. They doubled the wait time after I paid and would have never told me if I didn't email them week at week 9 and got atleast 2-3 more weeks to wait.. So they told me :(

  • Not to defend OneWheel because I think they have to work harder to be accurate with their customers but I paid a deposit and have been waiting for a Tesla SUV for going on 3 years! A car they said would be delivered 2 years ago! Still haven't even driven the car... lol... My guess is I will get it by Feb but who knows? Elon is making the OneWheel team look pretty good... Bottom line every person who sees a OneWheel wants one! Its not going to get better any time soon... My compassion goes out to all who are waiting for their boards... It sucks to be told one thing and feel like you are getting the run around! I feel that now with a board they told me would be fixed asap and its been 3 weeks... I try to keep reminding myself that they are probably doing the best that they can. I have gotten more joy out of the board that almost anything I have bought in the last 10 years! In the end I am just grateful they invented it :)

  • @MichaelW man I need to see this Tesla machine now lol can you post a picture?

  • FM just posted! They said boards will begin shipping end of the week!! Crossing my fingers..

  • @njcustom I hope hope hope hope I'm going to be included

  • @Brutha-Man absolutely. Check the shipping page.. They posted a pic too of like 150 boards lol

  • FM's post says that they had stopped production altogether for some period of time due to a parts shortage -- something else they neglected to tell us. Who knows how far behind they are now. Stuff happens. I just wish they'd level with us.

  • @ThatGuy yeah pretty messed up.. But hopefully they don't bullshit us again with that post .. I think everyone has had enough.. This has got to be the final stretch..

  • I'm really sorry but I think I know what's causing the delays...

    I've been riding my onewheel non-stop since it's arrived and everyone who has seen it wants one so judging from the reaction I've been getting I'm sure I've been responsible for a massive spike in orders.

    I'll stop riding it for a couple of days for you to let them catch up :D

    But seriously, it will arrive, the extra week or two will be forgotten and forgiven the moment you get on that thing and float down the street for the first time.

  • @lardnicus its not an extra week or 2.. They told me 4-6 weeks and now I'm almost 10 weeks and they emailed me last week saying late October early November making it 11-12 weeks.. An extra week would be OK, 6+more not ok

  • These guys are confusing the board is fun/great with crappy customer service.. :) I had the same issues with my delivery, every email was it'll be (insert unrealistic ship date)

  • @njcustom said:

    @lardnicus its not an extra week or 2.. They told me 4-6 weeks and now I'm almost 10 weeks and they emailed me last week saying late October early November making it 11-12 weeks.. An extra week would be OK, 6+more not ok

    I dont think there is any problem cancelling your order. Im sure you will get back all your money and then you can go buy one of those chinese segway ripoffs!

  • @BadWolf Clearly he wants the product. As we all do. But a realistic wait time and transparency with the company isn't too much to ask for

  • @BadWolf did I say that? No.. Thanks for your 2 cents..

  • @njcustom. Just want to say that while waiting sucks what's worse is waiting with a bad attitude. FM is trying to supply from grass roots beginnings an amazingly sophisticated cutting edge technology that people are going to put through all manner of abuse and conditions. While the onewheel looks more simple than a conventional as a skateboard, it is basically alien technology reverse engineered from roswell. This crazy consumer mentality that the world should revolve perfectly around the consumer is unrealistic. Consider what it would take for you to first breath life into a concept as grand as the onewheel and then establish reliable manufacturing to get it to the public. All while satisfying your investors and your bottom line. The wait is agonizing like you said with hours feeling like days, days like weeks etc. Just have patience and faith that this is a truly unique and incredible blessing even being able to look forward to such things as a Onewheel. We are living in an age where vast resources are available and directable towards man's wildest dreams! Keep a good attitude and keep dreaming!

  • @ashewheeler my attitude is fine.. Just don't like stupid comments.. However it's NOT ok to tell people 4-6 weeks and be off by 6 weeks.. That's unbelievably bad business..

  • Once you get your onewheel you are gonna be like "fuck business"

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