Battery won't charge anymore...?

  • Hey all - just wondering if anyone recognises this and/or has any advice....:

    I sent my board in a few weeks back as I had the 16 blinks error which rendered the board useless as I couldn't ride or charge it anymore. Got it back last week from FM, they said some connection had been a bit loose, they fixed it and it should be good to go.

    Indeed no more 16 blinks, but the board only had 1% battery charge when I got it back so put it on the charger overnight (light went on, app showed 58.2V so properly connected and all), but the next morning: still the same 1% charge. The board worked though - could turn it on, balances fine, rides etc. I contacted FM, they said maybe it's an app issue not showing correct charge.

    So 'forgot' the board from the app; deleted and reinstalled the app; still the same. Installed the app on my wife's phone, same result.

    Took the board for a ride, could get about 600m before getting extreme pushback (low battery pushback) and the board shut itself off. So I guess it really was at 1%, and not an app issue.

    Put it on the charger, and hurray: it charged! left it on the charger overnight, next morning: 100%. Rode it for a bit to test, down to 86%. Put it on the charger; when I came back a couple of hours later: still at 86% - so again it hadn't charged. Rode it some more, this time further down to 31%, put it on the charger: same story: won't charge. Left overnight: next morning still at 31%. Rode it down to absolute 0% again where the board shuts itself off: Now it charges again!

    But that is not useful of course - I can't have to ride it down to absolute 0 each time before it will charge... Does anyone have any experience with this - any trick to somehow kickstart the battery into charging? Just afraid I have to ship it back again... :-(

    Any advice welcome!

  • What's the longest you've left it off the charger with no power activation?

    What's the longest you've left it charging (just once overnight?) since you noticed the problem?

  • Hi @utsu - since I got the board back, the longest I have left it completely off the charger is ~4 days straight (whilst at 1%); the longest I have had it on the charger is 3 days straight + a few 1-night overnighters

  • This sounds funky, do me a favor and switch to classic or elevated mode and cruise around for a bit, then see if you pull a charge (while not at 0%). Also try turning the lights off before you charge.

    (Just trying to eliminate every possible variable as youve already been doing diligently)

  • thanks @utsu -

    I've switched between classic and extreme whilst riding and also whilst charging, that didn't seem to make a difference; I have also charged with the lights on and have charged with the lights off which also doesn't seem to make a difference...

    I did notice however that since the board came back, that when it is on the charger with the lights on I can hear a (high pitched) 'buzzing' sound which I never noticed before I shipped the board in; it's not very loud but it is definitely there. It disappears when you turn the lights off; also when it is not on the charger and the lights are on you don't really notice it much.

  • If you're still in warranty, I'd consider sending it back.

    The new 'refresh check-up' option in the store is bound to be a great stream for FutureMotion, but I'm concerned about cases such as yours where the OW is serviced inside of warranty, and then causing new problems immediately afterwards.

  • Thanks - I'll play around for another day but indeed I suspect I will have to send it back in again as it is not useful if I can't charge it when I want to/need to ...
    (e.g. won't be able to ride to the beach, ride it down to 20-30%, charge it there over a coffee and ride back home etc; or then come home with 30% left and not being able to charge it overnight for the next ride but having to first ride the battery down before I can charget it and go on a real ride again etc)

    I am still in warranty - I only got it late August. It is just very frustrating having sent it in for a repair (16 blinks and refusing to charge) and it coming back 2 weeks later with a new issue (which may well be related to the 16 blinks in the first place?) so I can ship it back once again... Also not efficient and costly for FM...

  • alright I rode it for a bit and it wouldn't charge again, so wanted to try riding it down to absolute zero again. After a while I got extreme low battery pushback (front very high / back only half an inch off the ground) and the board shut itself down. So I thought I must have been close to the absolute zero stage, but when I turned the board back on and checked the app it said 10% left. So I tried to ride it some more, but after not even 10 meters it gave the same pushback again and shut down again. Turned it on again, now showed 5% in the app + an error message 'Need some Juice' (see screenshot). Never had that message before. But now the board won't let me ride it anymore but it also won't charge. So have contacted FM support, hope there is a magic trick but suspect it will have to go back again.... :-(


  • One additional point of info: just noticed they must have upgraded the firmware of my board while it was away to V3040 - is everyone else on that version too, or still on V3034?


  • Alright - sharing just in case anyone else has the same problem at some point:

    After some communication with FM support, found that if the board is off, I then plug it into the charger, the lights go on, power button pulses as normally when charging, the app shows the battery at 0% (regardless of what percentage it is actually at when the board is not on the charger), but it doesn't charge: the light on the charger stays green, and leaving the board on the charger like this for a while still doesn't charge it.

    But, if the board is turned off, then plug it into the charger, wait for the lights to go on and the power button to start pulsing, and then press the power button (to switch on the board) it does start charging: the light on the charger goed from green to red, and the app shows the actual percentage instead of 0%, and after a while the percentage starts to go up as per normal charging. The app still doesn't show it is charging (no charging/powerplug symbol), but it still charges this way.

    It does mean the board is then 'on' while charging, which theoretically means:

    • one of my kids could be silly enough to get on it whilst it is plugged in and it would work...
    • when the battery is fully charged, the board stays on now, so not sure if this puts extra strain on the battery if you e.g. leave the battery on the charger overnight (which I often do)

    just thought I'd share; will let you know if I find out more!

  • @Bart Thank you for sharing. I've had on occasions where the charger's indicator (after fully charged) would switch from green to red for some time then switch back to green again. Not sure if this is a bad sign or the battery is re-balancing? Anyone else notice anything similar?

    I think this started when I left the board on for 2 days straight. Reason being my power button got stuck so that the board was permanently on without a way to shut the board down. I can't imagine that being healthy for the battery! Anyway, thanks again for sharing and any more info would be much appreciated!

  • OK - next and final update (I hope!) -

    as I could now charge the board with the method above, I had another run yesterday to further see how the battery behaves

    I had a new problem: the board suddenly gave me very strong pushback, I almost fell off as it was very strong but also very unexpected as I had checked the battery not long before and it was then still at 36%.
    When it gave me the strong pushback I stopped and had to jump off; the battery showed 19% so I was confused and thought maybe it wasn’t battery pushback, but I wasn’t going too fast so not sure what it was, so stepped back on the board - it wouldn’t balance.
    So I checked and indeed the engine wasn’t engaged (I could easily roll the board up and down the road which when the engine is engaged isn’t possible) - but the power light was still on and pulsing normally, and the app was still connected.

    So I had to turn the board off and on again, then it engaged and I could ride it. Was a bit insecure about the pushback so rode slowly. Not long after, it gave me the same strong pushback again, but I sort of anticipated it now so I stopped and got off the board. Same thing: board now no longer engaged, but light still pulsing normally and app still connected. This was 220m since the previous pushback, and the battery had dropped from 19% to 14%.

    So tried again: turned board off and on again, it worked again so rode a bit more (slowly). Same thing happened 250m later. Board stopped and battery now at 9%.

    Tried again: turned board off and on again, could ride it again, did so until next pushback - only 120m further.

    Then I gave up.

    Not sure if this is a battery issue or controller, but presume it is connected to the not-charging normally problem (?).

    I contacted FM again, and they said they will send me a pre-paid shipping label to return my board to FM and at the same time they will send me a completely new board!

    So that's good service as I had already shipped the board back once before for repairs, and I was getting nervous about having a bit of a lemon that would end up spending more time with UPS than with me... ;-)

  • @Bart Great to hear nice ending! A shiny new board!!! I hope it'll be with you soon!

  • Thanks @Nat - I hope so too! :snowboarder: :dash: (they need a Onewheel emoji!)

  • @Bart That's really good news!

  • @Polle yes indeed very happy about this - will keep you posted once I get the new board as -besides these problems- I always felt the range I was getting was lower than anyone else on the forum (which may of course well be related to battery issues) - let's see how the new board will do!

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