***STOLEN ONEWHEEL from Santa Monica area***

  • This sucks!
    Last week I was doing some night riding and I had a car passing me slam on it's brakes. Then some drunk douchebag jumped out of the back of the car and started chasing me yelling "that OneWheel is going to be mine!"
    Fortunately I got lucky and was able to out pace him on the board while ordering up an Uber that was close by. I was able to meet the Uber after circling around the block for only a minute or two and escaping the clutches of a would-be thief.
    I've been apprehensive of night riding ever since.

  • Dang bro, where do you live? Sounds like Rio.

  • @BallewBoard Shit man, are you serious?? I worry about that kind of thing quite a bit, actually. I was riding through some shady area once and some sketchy looking dude yelled out "How much do those things cost?" All I could think was I'd better get the fuck out of there before I get robbed.

  • @jordo Seattle, WA.
    It was in a middle class neighborhood, too.
    The last place I thought something like that would happen.

  • Daaamn @BallewBoard!!! I'm in Portland, figured we were pretty safe from that type activity in the NW. Guess we gotta be ready to stop, drop, and roll some fools at any time.

  • @Count yes, I have an extra tile sitting here which is what brought about my thought in the first place....

  • @BallewBoard I had a black Escalade pull up on the shoulder in front of me one night. Luckily it was a kid with a "that's cool man" from the back seat as I passed by. I was expecting more along the lines of what you described though. I usually carry some form of protection now at night.

  • @thegreck exactly, researched this a bit when i was big into programming quadcopter's (lost quite a few). There are some gps lowjacks out there, but for the OW https://www.thetrackr.com/ or https://www.thetileapp.com/ might be best - they are bluetooth/ble and limited to like 30 ft or so but have a crowd locate thing going on. I haven't used them, only have used a larger cellular gps tracker, but thinking about grabbing one of those and hiding/attaching it to the OW.

  • @wr420 I almost always have a can of dog mace in my pocket when I ride, due to all the strays in my neighborhood. But I think it could easily become douche mace in a pinch.

  • I purchased 5 of these today. They look promising, and can be ordered with a water resistant housing. I'll let you know once I check it out, but if it performs as advertised, it should be exactly what we need! https://www.thetrackr.com/

  • Probably the best would be to drop an old cellphone, like a iphone 3gs, hook the usb cable somewhere on the inside, i guess you got 5 or 12 volt, that way you just put a low internet access simcard, it would have both a battery itself, leech it off the onewheel and charge, and a pretty good gps, that youeven can track in real time while driving.

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