City Riding Vs. Off-Road/Rural Riding

  • I personally use my Onewheel primarily to commute to and from work and school, but Ive been wanting to try out these off-road capabilities so the other day I took it disc golfing. I was able to cruise through sand, dirt, wetlands, woods, and across the bridges over the rivers. Now I'm not sure weather I like riding it on pavement or through nature more! I like the speed and hover-board feel I get on the streets but I'm blown away by how well it navigates through terrain! also has anybody had any issues with crowded sidewalks in the city? I'd love to hear your thought/opinions

  • Absolutely with you. Nothing is better than smooth grass with long hills in my mind. Feels exactly Ike riding down the line and I'm way more comfortable than on the streets. I am cruising to the beach this weekend and I'll try and get some video to share.

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