Thanks in advance

  • I've never posted in the forum before, and I don't have a Onewheel (yet), but I've been creeping around reading all the posts ever since I first heard of the Onewheel just a few months ago. Ever since then, I've been obsessed with getting one, and have been socking away as much money as I can every week, eating nothing but soup and Raman, so I can reach my goal quicker, haha.

    But mainly I just wanted to thank everyone for the really helpful posts with tips for how best to learn to ride, proper safety gear, fun places to ride, and ways to trick out or protect your board, and especially all the super rad GoPro videos! I've been taking notes and bookmarking all the sites and video tutorials that I think will help me out, so I'll know exactly what I need when I finally have enough money to get one of these bad boys. Which will hopefully be soon, because I haven't eaten a proper meal in weeks (just kidding).

    But everyone's excitement over the Onewheel on these forums just feeds my own excitement, and I can't wait until I finally own one! (My wife feels the same way, because she's tired of me talking about it... seems I can always manage to find a way to fit something I saw or read about the Onewheel into any conversation, kind of like you can do with a Seinfeld episode.)

  • I am just like you. I tell everyone I know about OneWheel and how much I love it. Just know that after you order it, you'll have long days and nights dreaming about how much you're going to love your OneWheel and all the places you'll go. It will be a lonesome two months knowing that a part of you hasn't been assembled yet. When that day comes when your feet meet with OneWheel for the first time, you will feel complete.

  • Haha, thanks for the response.

    Yeah, that sounds about right. A train stop is opening up near my house in early 2016 that I wanted to take advantage of for my work commute. But it's about a 20 minute walk to it, and another 10 minute walk to work on the other end -- which kind of cancels out the time savings. So my plan was to use the Onewheel to commute to and from the stops. Where before it seemed like a little too far, I'm thinking that once I start making the trip on the Onewheel, I'll probably be wishing it was a little further.

  • @thegreck, your obsession sounds very familiar.
    How's reading all 1000+ Kickstarter comments over many different sittings for obsessed? Then there was the daily Twitter, and YouTube searches looking for anything.

    Thankfully for you there is way more content available than when I was researching and even after I ordered in April. There was literally no owner type reviews and content when I was first looking. Thankfully a Facebook group was started and I got to hear how much early owners loved their boards. I immediately purchased after that and remained obsessed until delivery. After delivery the obsession moves from thinking about onewheel to riding it.

  • @Franky That's one of the best things about it that has really stoked my excitement, is seeing how obsessed people stay with it even a year after getting one! And as much content as there is out there, it still seems like it's not enough. I think I've watched every Onewheel video that can be found with a Google search at least twice.

    If my credit card wasn't already maxed out from furnishing our new house, I'd already have ordered one.

  • @thegreck Haha that was what happened to me. wife saw me watch every youtube video possible, read every thread here, then re-watch the cool videos and eventually she just said "just buy it".

  • I have a similar situation with my wife. I have been following OW since the beginning of the kickstarter effort. Forcing my wife to watch videos and read about OW. Initially her stance was "are you crazy, you are going to kill yourself on that thing." I am not as young as I think I am nor act, but i explained to her that i can't pass up on things i dreamed about as a kid. So eventually she relented and gave me the go ahead. As more videos appeared online, and me continually forcing her to watch them, she has now transitioned into "I want one too!"

    So once I have mine, she is going to give it a shot as well, and we will probably end up ordering one for her. (<evilgrin>Can you say backup OW for me</evilgrin>)

  • @callenj357 @rainynite
    Nice guys!
    My girlfriend also had to hear me talking about the OW constantly and also had to watch the video's for about half a year. Then she decided to buy it, together with some family, for my 30th birthday.
    The board didn't arrive in time for my birthday, but FM was so nice to send her a card that she could give me on my birthday.
    I was shouting NO WAAAAY in the first 10 minutes after opening the envelope :smiley:

  • @callenj357 I know what you mean... I turn 46 in April, so I'm not exactly a kid anymore, but I'm in pretty good shape, and my wife isn't as worried about this future purchase as she was when I was thinking about getting a skateboard a couple of years ago (which I ultimately decided against). Seems to me that the Onewheel is everything I like about board skating and why I thought about getting one, but eliminates most everything I don't like about it.

  • @thegreck funny, i am 46 as well. wife knows i have always been into board sports, but usually they involve snow or water :) i haven't been on a skateboard for decades. hoping the OW is more like a snowboard. everything i have seen and read seems to confirm that it will be more like snowboarding. I can't wait to get mine!

  • @callenj357 said:

    it will be more like snowboarding.

    I think this is correct - you can carve into corners, the lack of bindings is odd, but you don't go fast enough for this to be an issue - but its fast enough (Almost) watching tarmac fly by at 17mph or so you notice how much harder than snow that is, and the wheel has enough - not the correct word as it is stable - instability to make cornering easy

    if you have snowboard shorts i would wear them for the first few times - I whacked my hip something terrible (maybe I shouldn't have turned on extreme mode on my first go ...)

  • @eish maybe i will rethink my plan to start with extreme mode. i do plan on wearing my mc undergear until comfortable.

  • @eish Yeah good tip. I will add padded shorts to my list of accessories. I remember landing on my tailbone back when I used to skateboard and it was not fun. Hurt for about six months at least.

  • @callenj357 said:

    @eish maybe i will rethink my plan to start with extreme mode. i do plan on wearing my mc undergear until comfortable.

    do it - it was more the rubbish roads and cul-de-sac bumps - climbing mode is quite nice as an intro to extreme

    re snowboard feeling - went down a long flatish slope today did feel a bit odd not having front foot lower than the back but that soon goes away - think i was just looking for things as never noticed this feeling before

  • @NsinR8 is the OW Buddah.

  • Well, knowing that I still had an automatic 2-month wait ahead of me, I couldn't wait any longer and just placed my order! Now I'm in the waiting club. Just hoping I somehow get it by Christmas.

  • @thegreck congrats! Now the waiting hazing starts which is the standard ritual to get into the onewheel owners club.

  • @Franky It's ridiculous already, and I just ordered it last night! I keep thinking, Oh crap! I haven't ordered my pads yet! But I still have 2 months at least. Sigh.

  • @thegreck, that gives you some time to research the best stuff. I don't wear pads but I think some riders here have padding that is not bulky or restrictive.

  • You should look into G-Form pads. They're more expensive than regular pads, but the fit and comfort is great. Just bought a pair of their crash pants.

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