Status of the Android application

  • Hello,

    I'm waiting for the android application. I don't know anyone with an Iphone out here in my remote part of northern Italy. Is there news on the status of the development?



  • Me too, vers very Long Time to wait....

  • OMG just make it a paid app and i'll pay for it, pls, FM, TAKE MY MONEY

  • Would be great to get an update on this!
    My OW will arrive in the next weeks, think it will be frustrating not to have the full use of the board while riding...

  • Sounds like it's going to be a while. Buy an iPhone 4s on eBay and sell it when the app comes out. The app is a must.

  • @jamesdavy a good option is a 5th generation iPod Touch, which can talk to the OneWheel using Bluetooth 4.0 - and if you need an Internet connection, pair it with your Android phone via WiFi.

  • Dude, seriously FM, I will write this for you. Especially if you already wrote it in IOS, this is RIDICULOUSLY easy to port over.

    Of course, if you farmed out the app development, and the developers are holding your codebase hostage, then that's another story.

    However, it is unbelievably easy to port if you own the source to the IOS app, unless you are using some super secret advanced feature of Ios that has no equivalent in Android. The only thing that would come to mind is an undocumented API, otherwise the platforms are exceptionally similar due to their maturity at this point.

    Private message me if you're interested.

  • I just bought and ipod touch 5 gen. You can get them pretty cheap now, since the 6 gen is coming out later

  • Are you italian? Im italian, from Milan. We can ride our OneWheel togheter :-D

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  • I'm Canadian, but just bought a house up near lago di monate. Unfortunately we almost never manage to get down to Milan. But I can recommend the lakes up here for a good escape from the city.

    Also, still waiting on the android app. During the kickstarter there was a vote for which OS would be more popular to receive an application first. I believe android won that contest no? At least give us a deadline estimate.

  • @JamesDavy Future Motion last month stated that they are trying to introduce the app by the end of the year... Let's hope this will change for the better!

  • bump

    Any news on this?

  • @Polle Looking for the same. My 1w is supposed to get here in three days. Really hoping they release something by the end of this month, as promised. Not sure where I'll get an iOS device in the meantime. :'(

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