Bigger sensor!

  • So I was thinking of ways to improve the board.
    Was riding some rough terrain, and getting some air on big roots and similar can make the foot change position on the pad. Same goes for doing tricks or just being sloppy when getting on the board.

    Anyway, what I would wish for is this:
    A new foot-pad, with sensors covering the entire board.
    Basically as it is now, but each sensor would be a LOT bigger, at least twice the size.

    This would also allow you to position your feet more diagonally if you so please.
    I can't really see any downside to this, maybe hindering some weird dismounting, and prize?
    Anyway, just make it optional? I'd love a board less picky about foot placement.

  • I completely agree with you bro!!!! This is a big problem for me.Especially when I carve on my heels at high speed, my toes are pushing up and I loose all contact with the sensor =nose diving :(
    Like snowboarding my front foot have ~15° angle...

  • @germx might make it hard getting off the board as most people kinda shift their foot off the sensor..

  • @fabuz try the sensor in the back..

  • @njcustom already try but I'm more confortable to ride and dismount with the sensor on front foot :(

  • Agreed. Not sure how this might complicate the dismount options though, but I'm guess a bunch of people would prefer to lose some dismount flexibility in return for more forgiving sensor while riding.

  • bigger sensor AND option of a delayed sensor

  • @njcustom said:

    @fabuz try the sensor in the back..

    ditto (snowboarder here)


  • @DVO it would still be possible.

  • You would have to just jump

  • @njcustom @DVO , I would dismount as I normally do. By raising my heel up, standing on my "toes"(not really) on the sensor foot. It's really easy, comfortable and smooth.
    Jumping off would also still work obviously, I know some dismount that way. It's still a split sensor, so unless you dismount by rotating your foot off the sensor, there shouldn't be a problem.
    Still, that's why I said optional. I would see it as a huge improvement, but some may not.

    Some calibration could possibly be needed in order to swap to the big sensor. But if so, I'd hope you could choose sensor mode in the app.

    @Brutha-Man Yeah, I still vote for a delayed sensor "trick mode" in the app.

  • Trick mode could be interesting... My brother kept trying to do 360s, that's just not possible with the current delay.

    Riding off curbs is easy enough, the only thing preventing me from doing it more often is confidence in the sensor. Not that it's ever disengaged, but sometimes my foot doesn't land exactly square with the sensor.

  • @germx @njcustom @DVO
    it's my can see my toes loose contact,and my heel isn't on the sensor= nose diving

  • @lardnicus Exactly! I always have to check my foot when I land to see if it's still withing the sensor range.
    A wider sensor would really help ease my mind here.

    @fabuz I would never dare to ride with only one sensor engaged. I always ride with my foot more or less centered on the sensor.
    But yeah, the wide sensor should fix any problems with riding with an angle.

  • @fabuz looks like your back foot didn't move.. Try the sensor in the back

  • Full pad sensor would be ace, basically... being able to move your foot while riding with confidence would be such a huge plus... I don't see an issue dismounting... You already have to slow to a stop to disengage anyway... Heck, I would gladly jump off every time for this upgrade...

    And while you're at it, embed it in the ply so we can replace the grip tape super easily and hey, why not offer it as a simple upgrade to V1 owners as well :D :D :D


  • Making the foot sensor pad 3/4 or more of the area would work great as well, just leaving maybe an inch or two at the very edge that isn't part of the sensor to make it easy to deactivate the board for getting off. Move foot to the edge and tilt the shoe to the edge to deactivate and dismount. A foot sensor pad of this size would still allow us to rotate our front foot slightly angled forward as many of us like to do, yet allow a little non sensor part on the edge to maintain structural integrity of the board, all while allowing an area of contact to deactivate the board for dismount.

  • It seems like a full-pad sensor might not be best due to leaving no space to mount the grip-tape as it cannot be 'stuck' directly onto the sensor pad. There'd need to be a decent sized border (an inch or two all-around) for the grip-tape to mount to so as to preclude even more grip-tape slippage or outright peeling off...

  • @Chance2ride2 that's why I also suggested that the sensor be sandwiched or embeded in the ply. Then we can glue the grip tape across the whole thing without worrying about it.

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