Selling my One Wheel in Tokyo

  • Hi,

    I currently work remotely and have been traveling while working. I brought my one wheel with me and while I enjoy riding it, it hasn't been as practical as I imagined. For me, bringing it through the airports has been a frustrating experience. I've had the staff make me find a box to put it in because they wouldn't allow it to be put in the overhead bin for safety reasons, which I somewhat agree with.

    So, I don't want to deal with bringing it through several more airports before arriving home, so I'm planning to not leave Tokyo with it. I'm willing to sell it at a pretty big discount to achieve this.

    The one wheel is in pretty good condition. It does have scratches on it which I expect are pretty normal. I'm not willing to ship it; I can meet you somewhere in Tokyo like Yoyogi park. If you haven't ridden a one wheel I can show you how to ride it; It's pretty easy but does require some practice.

    Obviously, the charger is included. I can also include my helmet if you want it. I don't have the spare bumpers with me, but I can ship them to you at a later date.

    Message me with an offer if you are interested.

    Thanks for reading,



  • This OneWheel is now sold

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