Shipping update?

  • So, @Future-Motion - I doubt I'm the only one on these forums eagerly awaiting a shipping notice and obsessively checking this site in the hope of news.

    You wrote in your Shipping Update post 6 days ago that you would resume shipping boards at the end of last week, but I don't think any of the regular contributors to these forums has received a shipping notice yet. This might just be because you've shipped boards to customers that aren't users here, but… it'd mean a lot to many of us, I think, if you could comment on the shipping status. Are you on track? :grimacing::thumbsup:

  • @madsb I've come to realize they're just full of shit.. Excuse my language.. I'm 10 weeks today and was told 4-6.. I'm very annoyed.. Then they go and post a picture of 300+ boards.. Smh I'm just beyond annoyed .. I even emailed them before I paid to insure it was 4-6.. And of course I won't get anything in compensation for my long extended wait..

  • @njcustom I am in the same boat with you. It's been very frustrating.

  • Seriously, what's the point of showing us all those finished one wheels and telling us they are going to start shipping. That clearly did not happen. It's even more frustrating to know for a fact that some of our boards, mine included, are actually finished right now, and have been for a week or two. Yet they remain I shipped

  • I've received shipping notice yesterday afternoon. (Oct 19, 2015)
    I ordered July 30, 2015.
    I'm really excited and can't wait to ride it everywhere.
    It's a few more weeks fellas. Tune into something else in the meantime to distract yourself from the long wait.

  • @JohnnyOnTheSpot I ordered 6 days after you.. I really hope I'm in that same shipment

  • I ordered two boards 2 and a half weeks ago. Curious to see how long it will take with the given standards. OW needs to step their game up!

  • @parkerpayne keep us updated

  • Firstly - FM has clearly been wrong with their shipping estimates. I cannot speak to whether this was an honest mistake or deliberate. All of my personal interaction with them leads me to believe this is an honest mistake as they have always operated in completely good faith with me. Even still, they should (and may in fact be) adjust their estimates to line up with reality.

    However, as someone who enjoys being an early adopter of all things tech, I think many of you have unrealistic expectations of these startup companies. In my experience, FM is a complete and utter success story. If only other Kickstarters/startups functioned this well, there would be a lot less unhappy backers/early adopters out there.

    Yes, FM told you 4-6 weeks. Yes they were wrong. Yes you can be mad and ask for a refund and be unhappy. You can even say they "lied" and be technically accurate. But (unfortunately) it is naive in my experience to think that startups like this are going to hit their shipping estimates. Just trying to save you guys future disappointment. This is reality on the bleeding edge of tech, like it or not.

    Personally, I have nothing but gratitude for FM. They are the only provider of an amazing product like this. I am thankful they brought it to market.

  • I'm gonna pile on to what @lynnpreston just mentioned. Being a startup and delivering an amazing consumer product is REALLY hard. They have been on top of emails for a long time while figuring out the bugs and kinks in supply chain. Yea it sucked waiting a few extra weeks for my board without getting notificaiton, but seriously they are not a 100 man outfit. Shoot I'd be surprised if they hit 50 employees. With that many people and the demand they have to build an incredible consumer product that works great out of the box there should be some understanding to delays. Plus it's well worth the wait. Just tune into something else in the meantime and by the end of your wait you would kick yourself for ever having a thought of cancelling.

  • I emailed them 3 days ago and they emailed me today and telling me next month.. So basically I will be 12 weeks

  • Just got my tracking!! Ordered august 6th.. im So excited!!

  • @njcustom Finally! I don't think I'm the only one on this forum who has been looking forward to you receiving your shipment notice :wink:

  • @madsb thank you

  • Anybody order in September get tracking yet?

  • @killerClownShoes said:

    Anybody order in September get tracking yet?

    Doubtful. People back in august havent gotten it yet.

  • @BadWolf My bro @hafeedgood ordered ~15 august and just get it yesterday from France!!! @killerClownShoes Hope yours will arrive soon....

  • @killerClownShoes not me. I ordered 9/2/15.

  • @fabuz said:

    @BadWolf My bro @hafeedgood ordered ~15 august and just get it yesterday from France!!! @killerClownShoes Hope yours will arrive soon....

    And I ordered 21th of august and havent gotten a shipping note :)

  • Board comes tomorrow after 3 months.. Good thing its cold and rainy ;)

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